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Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

The Mindful Reset

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The Mindful Reset Summary

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There is no peace when the mind is not at rest

Buddhism shows us the significance of birth and death, and what we gain by keeping ourselves busy in our whole life. Buddhism also shows us the benefits of performing good deeds, and how to gain inner peace and satisfaction. We must investigate life from these points of view before we can grasp the core of Buddha-dharma. Only then can we acquire true peace and happiness.

A Recitation of the Buddhas name

The purpose of reciting the name of the Buddha is to arouse one's faith and determination. A Bodhisattva's faith and determination is the development of the Bodhi mind, and the maintenance of mindfulness on supreme Bodhi. The Buddha is the person who has realised the supreme Bodhi the wisdom of all wisdom. He has majestic appearance and boundless power. He embodies all wisdom and incomparable loving kindness and compassion. Since his practice as a Bodhisattva, he has done countless meritorious acts benefiting others.

Demonic Interference during Practice

There is still another issue concerning this matter. As we know, we practitioners carry energy in our bodies. Now about 80 to 90 of the people here from this class will not only recover from their illnesses but also grow some cultivation energy. Thus, your body is carrying very powerful energy. The energy you carry in your body and your current Xinxing are not proportional. Your cultivation energy is temporarily high because it has been promoted instantly. Your Xinxing is being upgraded at the moment. Gradually, you will catch up with your cultivation energy. You are certain to catch up within this period of time. As a result, we have promoted your cultivation energy in advance. In other words, you have got a certain amount of energy now. Because energy cultivated from the Orthodox Law is upright and compassionate, everyone sitting here all feels an atmosphere of serenity and compassion. I have cultivated myself this way, and carry such a thing with me. Everyone sitting here can feel...

Calm Before The Storm

Your inner peace allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Where he thinks and acts, you simply react. Prerequisite Ki 4 ranks, Initiate of the Inner Mysteries Effect You gain a +2 bonus to Defense for a number of rounds equal to your ranks in the Ki skill. This use of the Ki skill is a free action.

Buddha Came to Save and Protect Us

The Buddha never gave up any sentient beings. He helped and blessed everyone. Even the sentient beings in the hell that he couldn't help at the present moment, he helped them once they were reborn in the human or heavenly realms. These sentient beings will eventually progress and attain Buddhahood. Therefore, the ubiquitous compassion and impartial spirit of saving of the Buddha's teachings cannot be compared to other kinds of love.

Sunyata and Cessation is the Truth Nature of All Existences

The more precise meaning of the term unreal name is assumption or hypothesis. It is an empirical name. It is formed by the combination of various causes and effects. (These include the effects of mental consciousness.) It does not exist by itself. Everything exists relatively. Thus, what is the ultimate truth If we investigate existence further, we realise that all existences are empty. This is the fundamental characteristic and reality of all existence. It is ultimate and

Step 4 Practice in contemplation of Mind

The above four-step practice is part of Lord Buddha's Four Basis of Mindfulness, which helps a person of any religion purity his or her own mind so that to improve physical can mental health, and to lessen stress from everyday life. If practiced regularly, meditation practitioner will develop better understanding of life and ability to reduce ill emotions such as depression, doubt, confusion and etc.

Warriors of Stillness

Wuji Qigong Cai Song Fang

The book, which is 226 pages in length, begins with Diepersloot's personal accounts of his teachers and his experiences in practicing the meditative aspects of the internal martial arts. In the next section titled Being Mindful of the Center the author explains how to cultivate the center point of the body, the center line of the body, and discusses the Wu Ji Qi Gong practice as a healing art.

The Establishment Of The Rinzai School Of Zen In Japan

Thus at last his merit was appreciated by the Emperor Tsuchi-mikado (1199-1210), and he was promoted to So Jo, (the highest rank in the Buddhist priesthood), together with the gift of a purple robe in 1206. After this he went to the city of Kamakura, the political centre, being invited by Sanetomo, the Shogun, and laid the foundation of the so called Kamakura Zen, still prospering at the present moment.

An Introduction to Ba Gua Zhang Weapons

If you are studying Ba Gua Zhang as a self-defense art, the new dimension which is added by weapons practice is an excellent introductory step towards two-person practice. In the practice of solo bare hand forms and exercises, your intention and awareness was initially focused on the perimeters of your own body movement and your physical coordination and alignment only dealt with your own body. With a weapon in hand, your awareness and intention must extend all the way out to the perimeter of the weapon's length and your body coordination and alignment must now adjust to the weight and length of that weapon. You have to learn how to not only control your own body, but you have to learn how to control another object and form a harmonious relationship between you and that object. Making that physical and mental shift during weapons practice significantly aids the physical and mental shift which must occur when an opponent comes into play.

Kenjutsu Raising The Rear Foot

Now this is already quite a bit to practice Training methods used for these details consist primarily of very slow walking along a line with something like a tsuba, or round block of pine, balanced on the top of the head. One first, takes the hanme with awareness of all the factors described above. Then, after checking posture, one places the block on the top of the head on the spot which represents the top of the axis of one's back bone, (as if it extended through the skull). Now, with the block on your head, you practice walking in the method indicated above. After awhile you add the movement of pivoting your relaxed shoulders arms and torso from side to side around this axis, with a very low center and springy knees. This practice progresses to going up and down into seiza while walking, to tenkans, and knee walking added in between periods of walking all while keeping the block balanced.

The Godan or Masters Test for a Ninja

The godan (fifth degree) test of Togakure Ryu Bujinkan Ninpo consists of the student kneeling in seiza with his or her eyes closed in meditation or terror, as the grandmaster, also in meditation, stands behind the student with a sword. When the grandmaster is ready he attempts to halve the student. It's the student's job to roll out of the way, avoiding the strike. To pass this test requires rudimentary skills in telempathy (feeling and reacting to emotions). From a mystical viewpoint, the student is accepted and protected by the Bujin (martial spirits such as tengu friendly to the Togakure Ryu). From my perspective, the student feels the sen-sei's mind change and avoids the strike, as feeling precedes thought. Because killing is not natural to the human being and must be thought about, this gives the student the minuscule advantage necessary to escape. From a Taoist perspective, the grandmaster and the student merge their spirits, and being in communion the student knows when to...

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

Celibacy can be a tool for increasing your awareness of your sexuality, and if male, retention of your sperm can enhance your energy, but the resulting increase in sensitivity translated to irritability in most adults is not a pretty sight. There are better ways and they are well documented if you know how to look. This chapter is provided to give you some hints, tools, and preventative measures while ensuring you have a better time than an ascetic. Were Americans. We're allowed to do this. Go for it. Crazy wisdom is for consenting adults.


A hero with Inner Balance has superior control over his body and mind. This inner peace strengthens his will, sharpens his senses, and enables him to perform impossible feats of endurance and balance. He's visibly at peace, and those who appreciate order and focus find him pleasant to be around.


When one understands the concept and principles of meditation, all differences between oneself and the object of concentration disintegrate and one develops an awareness of the universe. Good health flows naturally to the practitioner. The finger position here represents the fire element. One begins to follow the proper path instinctively, with the hands automatically forming the correct linkage, or kanji (Figure 3). At this stage, an appreciation of all life becomes manifest. Animals can sense this inner peace, making it seem that the practitioner can almost speak with them. One could walk safely through a pit full of serpents without coming to harm, since the animals can recognize this presence. This is analogous to a bee-keeper mentally picturing a hexagon, which sets up a harmonic vibration throughout his person that the insects consider non-threatening.


Tumbling is a great way to enhance mind and body awareness. These drills will improve coordination, flexibility, and balance. Another option is to end your roll with an explosive jump such as a Star Jump. For example, roll forward and as you come to your feet, explode upward into a Star Jump. These drills do not take long to practice but will provide tremendous benefits to your balance and body awareness.

Light Opening

The temples teach that images of Buddha require light-opening and say that the images will not make their powers felt without light-opening. Nowadays, those genuine great masters among the monks in temples have all passed away. After the Great Cultural Revolution, some former junior monks who had not received any true teachings have now taken charge in temples, and much has not been handed down from past generations. If you ask him what the purpose of light-opening is, he will say that the image of Buddha will make its powers felt when it has light-opened. He cannot tell the reason why it will make its powers felt. In this way he merely holds a ceremony, at which time he puts a small Buddhist sutra into the image of Buddha, seals it with paper, and then chants scriptures towards it. He calls this light-opening. But can this result in light-opening That depends upon how he is chanting the scriptures. Sakyamuni taught the right mindfulness, chanting scriptures with full concentration in...

Combo Lifting

Side, and the other side of the basketball court will include a BW exercise or a plyo move. Jog from one side of the court to the first station, perform 20 seconds of explosive curl & press combo lifts with the DB's, skip back to the other side, perform 20 seconds worth of squat jumps, gallop to the other side, perform 20 seconds of bent over DB rows (use both DB's), jog back to the other side, perform 20 seconds of push ups, perform karaoka to the other side, when you get there, perform 20 squats holding the DB's either down at your sides or on your shoulders - try varying the movement you do when traveling across the court - this works the body to a greater extent, and will develop better coordination and body awareness, as well as improve your joint strength & stability.

The Mind

Mind Body integration is one of the most important aspects of any internal martial art. Therefore, the mind plays a very important part in the circle walk practice. At the beginning levels, when the student is trying to work on becoming comfortable with the physical movements of the circle walk, the mind remains calm and relaxed, focused on the center of the circle, while gently reminding the body of the important points of practice. Basically the mind is trying to become aware of the physical body and thus takes a physical inventory. Are the elbows sinking downward Are the shoulders relaxed Are the steps light Am I bobbing up and down or wobbling back and forth Am I allowing my energy to sink to the dan tian These kind of gentle reminders serve to increase body awareness and help the practitioner remember the important points of the practice.

By Marcus Brinkman

* I and Shen are both terms that are designative of one's intellective processes. Shen, is literally indicative of spirit. Spirit is connotative of both the Heart and Mind. I is designative of one's directed awareness, and is an aspect of Shen. The difference lies in their contextual usage.

Deai Aikido

Deai means the moment of truth and is the spiritual meeting of two opposing forces. Prerequisite Aikido, Ki, Inner Peace. Effect This ability allows you to move with great speed and decision, adding your remaining Ki (your Wisdom modifier minus any Ki abilities used previously that day) to your Initiative and Defense for one minute per level. If Initiative is only rolled once per combat, you may reroll with the increased bonus. This ability exhausts your Ki for the rest of the day. After you use this ability, you must make a Will save (DC 20). If you fail this save, you become fatigued.


Brain Line Drawing

A difficult one to develop this confidence and control. This is also the reason why our motto is the latin 'Per Ardua Et Astra' (through hardship to the stars), and why such people as the American Dog brothers work with the motto 'higher consciousness through harder contact'. Code Red is the final stage. You have evaluated the situation in Code Orange. If there is a threat, prepare to fight or run. Never stand and fight if there is a possibility of flight. If no threat presents itself, drop back to Orange and Yellow. Never lose your awareness and drop to White -many people have been beaten in real situations because they have lost their zanshin (awareness). Stay switched on.

Goal Setting

Not on the coach, but only on the game at that very minute. Extreme, intense, complete concentration on the present moment, at one specific thing. To make the point. Now So in your practice session, or your game, your mind should not be wandering on when session will be over, or on the last play, or on how big the guy is you're trying to block or tackle, or on how many games you have left, or on your girl friend. You should play one play at a time and use all your concentration and energy and skill to do what you are supposed to be doing in that one particular play. Block that guy, tackle that guy, throw to that guy, only concentrate on that one fact. If you blow it, forget it and begin to concentrate on the next play, and your next block. Make one play at a time, one tackle at a time, and keep your mind concentrated just like the volleyball team.

Upgrading Xinxing

When they came to attend my lecture and told me what had happened, I felt happy because our students' Xinxing had indeed improved. The woman told me that she would have dealt with the occurrence differently if she had not learnt Falun Dafa. Let us think about the event. The woman was in her 50's. The car pushed her along so far and threw her heavily into the street. Besides, she had retired enjoying no benefits. If such a thing had happened to an ordinary person, she might have said that she was seriously injured, and she might not have got up. If she had been sent to the hospital, she might have caught this opportunity and stayed there as long as she liked. But as a cultivator, the old lady didn't behave that way. We believe that one mindfulness of a person determines the consequence of an affair. Is it possible that an ordinary person at the age of 50 would not get hurt at all in such a situation But the old lady did not even scratch her skin This is because she was right minded at...

Equi Limbed Cross

Thought-force is a thing which has no relation to geographical position, but is a matter of pure consciousness and of tuning in to its key-note. We can pick up the forces of dead faiths a thousand years after the death of their last votary, and upon the opposite side of the globe to that in which they flourished. But thought-forms are a different matter. They have position in space, and although they can be moved about with the speed of thought, and can be withdrawn to the subtlest level of the astral and there anchored to an idea and thus prevented from impinging upon the planes of form for all practical purposes, nevertheless, although they do not occupy space, they can be referred to definite positions in space. They can, for instance, be associated with a particular object, and will follow that object about, remaining within its magnetic field. The immediate magnetic field is anything from twelve to thirty feet the remote magnetic field from a hundred to three hundred yards....

Self Imposed Silence

The self-imposed silence the Buddha School practises means that human speech is all dictated by one's mental consciousness. Then, this mental consciousness is intentional. If one's mental consciousness itself wants to make a thought, say something, do something, direct the human sensory organs and four limbs, it may become an attachment among ordinary people. For example, there are such person-to-person conflicts as you are good, he is not good, your cultivation is good, and his is not. These are contradictions themselves. Let us say something common that I want to do this and that, and this matter should now be done this way or that way, which could possibly hurt someone unintentionally. Because person-to-person conflicts are all very complicated, one could possibly accumulate some karma without realizing it. As a consequence, a practitioner should practise the self-imposed silence. In the past, religions have been very serious about this. This is what the religions teach.


Chief Spirit, saw your close relatives coming to you in the dream or you really experienced an event or you saw something or did it. So it is your Chief Spirit who really did something or saw something, and did it in other spaces as well. Your consciousness is clear and real such a thing indeed exists but only in another physical space, and you did it in another timespace. Can you regard it as a dream No. But your physical body here is really sleeping and you can only say it is a dream. It is only this kind of dreams that is directly related to you.

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