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Meditation is an important part of the Martial Arts. So many schools only teach the physical parts of the arts, but the mental is at least 50% of the martial arts. If you can't control your mind. You can't control your body. You simply must have the ability to control your thoughts and mind, and your mental attitude. Or you will loose control in a fight, make the wrong move, panic or simply do nothing.

To do meditation. You must sit on the floor, in a crossed legged stance, with the left foot over the right and the ankles touching. Keep the back very straight and the head straight. Breath in thru your nose and out thru your mouth.

You must first learn to relax, and then to control the breath to be effective in your meditation.

Please let me add that I am a Christian. And I do not teach or advise any meditative technique that has anything to do with Buddhism, or any cult. You can meditate and still be a Christian. Meditation does not have to involve Oriental religious beliefs.

The fingers of the hand should form small circles with the index finger and thumb. Then they lay across the tops of your knees,

Breath in thru the nose and out thru the mouth

The next 7 pages give a good explanation of mmeditative techniques, relaxation techniques and "the Tiger Eye" for seeing everything.

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