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Just let your mind roa^ and relax, dream of soft and nice things. Imagine you are floating on a raft in a calm lake, or sailing on a cloud. Relax and feel the air flow through your body, relax and drea^. Relax and drea^. Let the mind float from one thought to the next, paying no special attention to any thought. Just watch them co^e and go in the mind like you see cars co^e and go on the highway. Relax and think of beautiful things. Think of nature, music, art, of love. Relax and feel yourself floating.

Now when one wishes to come out of this relaxed atmosphere, one should not just jump up. Gently open the eyes and take a deep breath and move the fingertips and the toes, breathe again and move the arms and the legs, breathe again and bend the arms and legs, and move the hips. Now take the arms and rub the back of the neck and calmly sit up and relax in a meditative posture for a few more seconds. You will feel very relaxed and quite cal^ and refreshed. This is truly a valuable way of letting an athlete relax and should be used by all serious students.

Three minutes of this relaxation is better for the body than 1 hour of sleep because it calms the nerves, refreshes the spirit, and soothes the mind. It is fast and simple to do and can be used after a workout or running (three minutes of sitting on the side of the track with the head between the legs trying to regain the breath after running does very little to relax you, while three minutes of this exercise does wonders.)

You can do this exercise lying down and it is very helpful to those who have trouble going to sleep. You can also d o this standing up or sitting down during the ga^e on the sidelines. As a coach, just take a few deep breaths and tighten the muscles just as if you were lying down. In a few breaths you will begin to become calm and feel more relaxed. Just close your eyes for a few seconds and suggest to yourself a few pleasant thoughts. Your mind should become calm and relaxed and subsequ ently your performance as a coach and player will be at its strongest point.

The mind cannot be relaxed and calm when the body is breathing fast and furiously. So the necessity of regaining control over your breath as soon as possible after exertion is very important. Often when we run, we begin to experience anoxia and we get too much blood pumping too much oxygen and lose the delicate balance between good and bad air in our bodies. So we must use our mind to control our breathing and slow our breathing to allow the oxygen, carbon dioxide stages to be equalized.

Deep Breathing, or Circular Breathing:

o be used when you find yourself breathing too fast after exercise or

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