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The a bility to relax cannot be overemphasized and can be defined for our use to mean the ability to leave the game out of your body, but keep it in your mind. Too many coaches and players lose points, games and get ulcers because they cannot control their tempers or attitudes during the game sitli ation. Th ey have let their reactions be determined by the actions of other people, referees, or players. Ther efore, they find themselves like puppets on a string, ranting and raving, or awkward and clumsy because they have destroyed the delicate relationship between the body and the mind.

Th ey have let their emotions take a disproportionate part in their actions and because of that they have lost their style, poise and grace. We h a ve all seen far too many cases of this and know^ it s true. (For example, the coach in the ball game who runs up and down the side lines, kicking the ground and the players and screaming and shouting at the referee, the r player who cant make a shot because he is so nervous and anxiety ridden, the player who jumps off sides several times or who starts fights for the slightest provocation.) The problem with these people is that they have lost control of their body by letting their mind become confused and disoriented . Your mind cannot think of two things at once and do a good job on either one. You must have a calm mind if you want to make the shot, or to think the play out. Your mind t ells and directs your muscles to perform as they have been conditioned but if your mind is racing between being upset and making the shot,

Being angry and being relaxed then the muscles get contradictory information to them and subsequently do not perform as programmed but become d iso o ordinated. The brain becomes co nfused by the huge influx of r emotional stimulus and cant reason intelligently, perform adequately and begins to send out all kinds of emergency signals to the body. You see, your mind cannot distinguish between a vividly imagined event and an actual occurrence. So when you begin to think angry, your brain interprets danger and sends out the appropriate body responses. Yo ur adrenaline starts to be released, thereby causing the blood pressure to go up, the heart beats faster, the stomach stops digesting and begins secreting acid, the eyes dilate and the muscles become jerky and tensed. So your body is prepared for attack or defense and when none co^es the damage is irreversible. No one is easier to handle than a drunk, or a man that has gone crazy and so i angry that he is like a wild man, he obviously cant perform his primary function in the game and so your defense or offensive gets the advantage of having one more player on their side functioning at peak condition and one less on your side not only functioning poorly but probably causing others to perform badly. Ulcers and lost ga^es, fights and lost friends are just some of the results of the inability to relax.

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