Punch Blocking Secrets

It is very common with new martial artists to use a lot of power and effort to block even the softest of punches. This is fine, when you are young, fast and powerful, but as you get older. It is much much easier on the body and the puncher if you use as little effort as possible to block the punch.

The first technique is to simply "flick" the punch away. Just like you are swating at a fly.

Redirecting the punch. As the punch nears the body, all you have to do is redirect the punch with a "flick" of your hand. It is used very often in boxing, but no so often in martial arts. There is really nothing to it. Just "flick" the punch away.

For a head punch. It is quite easy to "comb" the punch away. Just make the same motion that you would use to comb the side of your hair. You can use a open or closed fist. All you are doing is redirecting the punch past your ear and by your head, with a combing motion. It is very easy and every effective.

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