Reiki client not presentDistant Healing

Reiki symbols reminder (see above for the diagrams.)

• The Mental/Emotional symbol - SEI HE KI

• The Distance symbol - HON SHA ZA SHO NEN

Distant healing can be done in a variety of ways. As with hands on Reiki, intent is very important. The practitioner can use a proxy, visualization or a projection of Reiki energy (also known as beaming) or a combination of the three.

You can (if it helps) visualize the person you are sending Reiki energy to, shrunk to a miniature size and situated between your hands.

Then start by drawing the Dai Ko Myo, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei symbols (3 times for each symbol) around whichever technique you have used (miniature person, visualization, third eye etc.)

Sending Reiki is as effortless as anything else you do with Reiki. After a while you probably won't need to imagine the person between your hands. Sit quietly and think of the name of the person you are sending Reiki to - do this for 10-20 minutes. Focus on the intent of sending Reiki to that person. (It's more in-line with the

Reiki Master and Seichim Manual - Version 1.1 - Copyright ©2002-2003, All rights reserved. 57

ethics of Reiki to first obtain the permission of the person you are sending the energy to).

I have found that Reiki can be beneficial for relationships between people. I would again use remote/distant healing techniques, visualising in the palm of my hand, all the relevant parties involved. Then I would focus and send healing energy to all the recipients. Focusing on what needs to be healed also helps when distantly transmitting Reiki.

You can also send distant healings to a List of recipients, I would usually write down all the details of the people on one piece of paper with the attached photos (if possible), plus the ailments that require healing. Next I would simply focus and send Reiki energy to the paper object with the Intent of every person on the list receives a full healing. I would usually stay with this intent for around 15-30 minutes. The main thing to remember is Reiki knows no boundaries in Time or space and everyone would receive a "full" healing as if they were in front of you. This is extremely helpful for any foreign clients you may have. I receive numerous remarkable healing thank-you letters using this technique alone.

Here's an extract from one that incidentally helped heal a pet.

"Yes, I have been practicing. In fact, I have just finished with amazing results a treatment on my dog a friend of mine, who suffers severe migraines. The poor thing slept like an angel during the treatment, and continued to sleep for 6 hours after I finished, with no headache at all! It is very amazing."

Recall that scientists are coming to realize that all things around us are made of pure energy. Remember that Reiki is about channelling energy and thus it stands to reason that Reiki can be applied to anything made of energy, i.e. anything in existence, past, future or present - Its limitless.

Remember you now have the tools so experiment and see what works best for you!

Again, how this works is a mystery, but excellent results can be accomplished.

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