Reiki Seichim Symbols Explained

In both the second and Master level of Reiki you will have access to the Special sacred Reiki symbols and words that are handed down from Master to Master.

These are used for attuning other initiates into your Reiki Linage and more importantly can be used in a multitude of ways for healing and protection.

Using the different Reiki symbols will boost up the Reiki energy, it gains strength.

Experiment with the symbols and see what works for you. There are no set rules regarding which symbols you should/should not use in a treatment, each client you heal will be different.

Methods for symbols activation

The symbols can be activated in any of the following ways:

• By drawing them with your palm's canter (with open hand)

• By drawing them with your finger

• By visualizing the symbol

• By drawing them with the third eye

• By spelling the symbol's (or Alias name) name three times.

Use whatever of the above methods you feel comfortable with, usually drawing any symbols clockwise, don't get too" hung up" on the direction as it's the Intent that counts)

Where to apply the symbols during a healing?

It is suggested to initially place the symbol(s) on your own hands/palms and then redraw or visualise the same symbols on any of the following:

• The clients Crown chakra

• The clients hands/palms

Reiki Master and Seichim Manual - Version 1.1 - Copyright ©2002-2003, All rights reserved. 1g

Most Reiki teachers will use the "Alias" of the symbol. For example, the alias of "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen" is "Distance symbol".

In the following pages, the name of each symbol is followed by an approximation of its pronunciation, then the "Alias" for the symbol (if applicable).

Note: if you cannot recall a Reiki symbol, use the "Alias" - the powers of Reiki will do the rest. Both the symbol and the "Alias" have the same energies.

It is beneficial to learn., within the first month, all the Japanese symbol names - this will allow for familiarity as regards other Reiki material/texts.

The Reiki symbols are a means of focusing your attention in order to connect with "specific" healing frequencies. They are not energy in there own right but merely a "focus" for the source of energy.

After a short period of time - and with practise - the symbols will become less relevant and the focus will change to the "intent" of the specific energies required.

Some Masters adhere strictly to the symbols but it is a personal choice and whatever suits the individual is best.

Reiki Master and Seichim Manual - Version 1.1 - Copyright ©2002-2003, All rights reserved. 19

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