No 7 Countering A Twofisted Attack

(Defcnte: Kick with Knife Edge of Foot)

illustration lo) Opponent is about to throw a punch ot you. Stand in c Kenpo mannc.r with left foot forward ond honds clasped a; in prayer.

(b) As opponent throws - is left. swing your left foot bock, o: the some time striking his fare-arm with your right hand—right hoivi is held cup-shape. Your left Ivand is ra.<ed in o position to intercept his next punch.

(c) As opponent steps in to throw right punch, turn your bsdy poroliel to his by pivoting on the bell of your left foot, the right foot simultaneously performing o semi-circle to arrive ot the position illustrated. While performing this movement, grab upper part of oppancnt's right arm with your left hand end his wrist wit1» your r^ght hand.

(d) Immcdiotely ofter grabbing yojr opponent's arm, pull and twist his arm down os illustrated. At the some time, kick his knee |omt or simply apply presure to it with your foot or kick ony nerve center of his leg.

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