Age to Destruction Alteration Necromancy

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Range: 2 feet/level

Components: S

Duration: Instantaneous

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 1 object (3 cubic feet)

Saving Throw: Neg.

With this spell, the ninja can age any nonliving material (of a maximum volume of 3 cubic feet) by about 100 years. An object affected by the spell may make a normal saving throw vs. disintegration (see the Dungeon Master Guide, Chapter 6) to avoid the spell's effect.

An object that fails its saving throw suffers the ravages of a hundred years of aging, on the inside. On the outside it appears normal, but a little more weathered than before. Stone items are affected very little, but wood rots, metal rusts or corrodes through, and other materials suffer similar results. The next time an object affected by this spell is picked up or otherwise used, it crumbles into ruin. If the object is already under strain when the spell is cast on it, it gives way immediately.

This spell allows a spellcaster to sabotage crucial objects or pieces of equipment: a ladder rung, a wooden step, the sword of an enemy, etc. A fleeing ninja can use this spell to drop a portcullis, booby trap the stairway she has just descended, or destroy a weapon about to be wielded against her. It will not allow the character to sink a boat; the keel exceeds the spell's volume limitations. (However, a hull patch that does not exceed the volume limitation could be destroyed by the spell.)

This spell does not affect living creatures. It will not cancel the effects of a potion of longevity. If cast on such a potion, the spell permanently renders the potion useless. A potion of longevity is the only item that does not receive a saving throw against this spell.

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