Proficiencies and Martial Arts

Forbidden Kill Strikes

How to Learn Martial Arts at Home

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Weapon Proficiencies Weapon Specialization and Weapon Groups Nonweapon Proficiencies

Nonweapon Proficiencies from the Player's Handbook New Nonweapon Proficiencies New Nonweapon

Proficiency Descriptions Martial Arts Martial Arts Results Specializing in Martial Arts Mixed Campaigns Advanced Martial Arts (Optional) Prerequisites to Learning Martial Arts Finding a Master Training Under the Master Learning the Style Pre-Campaign Learning Multiple Styles Style Characteristics Creating a New Style: Basics Creating a New Style: Weapons Creating a New Style:

Special Maneuvers Armed and Armored Opponents Stunning and Incapacitating Hit Locations Chapter 5: Tools of the Trade Weapons

Entangling Attacks

Prone and Entangled Opponents

Weapon List

Missile Weapon Ranges


Miscellaneous Equipment Weapon Modifications Magical and Special Treasures Miscellaneous Magic Magical Weapons Chapter 6: Country and Clan Land of the Ninja The Ninja Clan Chapter 7: Playing the Ninja Ninja in the Outer World Ninja in a Non-Ninja Party An All-Ninja Party Playing The Lone Wolf Chapter 8: Campaigning the Ninja Secrecy Within the Campaign The Character Mix

Ninja Adventures Ninja Kits in the Campaign Ninja Clan Resources Spy Campaigns Chapter 9: Examples

Examples of Ninja Characters Examples of Ninja Clans Other Ninja-Type Organizations

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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