Detect the Living Divination

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Range: 0

Components: S

Duration: 3 turns

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 60 feet + 10 feet/level

Saving Throw: None

This spell acts much like a detect undead spell but allows the ninja to detect the presence of living beings.

The spell works on living beings belonging to animal species with half a hit die or more of hit points. Thus the spell will not detect members of very small animal species or any plant species.

The spell's area of effect extends in a path 10 feet wide and 60 feet long (plus 10 feet longer per spellcasting level of the ninja) in the direction the caster is facing. Scanning a direction requires one round, and the caster must be motionless except for the somatic element of his spell (kuji-kiri finger exercises). When the spell is successful, the caster sees a glow in the direction of the life-form; no one else can see the glow. The spell indicates direction only; it does not give specific location or distance.

This spell can detect living beings through walls and obstacles but is blocked by 1 foot of solid stone, 1 yard of wood or loose earth, or a thin coating of metal. The spell does not indicate the type (species or level) of creature detected, only that such a being is present.

Ninja use this spell to detect someone hiding behind a paper room divider or a false wall. They can then attack through the wall to surprise their prey. Such attacks, when they are successful, are startling and sometimes deadly, but even when aided by a detect the living spell, a ninja striking in this way suffers a -4 penalty to his attack roll.

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