Face Blur Illusion

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Range: 0 Components: S Duration: 1 hour/level Casting Time: 4 rounds Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: none

The ninja casts this spell on himself or on another. It may be cast only on a willing target, who gets no saving throw.

The spell alters the target's features slightly, making them unremarkable—neither handsome nor ugly. The gaze of any witness slides right off the features of a ninja affected by this spell.

A person who is keenly and alertly looking at the faces of everyone he sees—such as a dedicated guard scanning a crowd to find someone who has just disappeared into it—gets a saving throw against the effects of the spell. If the observer makes his saving throw, he sees the ninja's actual features instead of the nondescript face. Immunity to the spell lasts the length of the spell duration, but the spell itself is not dispelled and will work on people who have not made their saving throws. The person who successfully saves against this spell has no idea that a spell is in effect; he does not see the false features fade away and feels no hint of magic.

This spell's success depends on the ninja's maintaining a mental attitude of dullness and boredom. When a ninja deliberately does something interesting while wearing this spell—if he attacks someone, saves a life, or robs a merchant—the spell ends and every witness can see his true features.

This spell can be canceled by a dispel magic spell.

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