False Tracks Illusion

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Range: 0

Components: S Duration: 1 turn/level Casting Time: 1 round Area of Effect: the caster Saving Throw: None

For the duration of this spell, the ninja leaves tracks appropriate to a common normal animal (herd beast, deer, fox, etc.). The ninja chooses the species when the spell is cast. His footprints will be those of an animal, moving at whatever pace the ninja maintains. (If the ninja is running, he leaves behind the running footprints of the animal.) If bits of the ninja's clothing become snagged on underbrush, they will appear to be bits of animal hide. However, if the ninja drops an item of equipment or a garment, this spell will not conceal its nature.

No saving throw is allowed. However, the spell can be removed by casting a dispel magic spell. If such a spell is cast on any part of the trail the ninja has left behind, the entire spell is canceled and all tracks revert to normal.

The effects of this spell are entirely illusory. When the spell duration ends, all affected footprints revert to normal.

Ninja use this spell to elude pursuers. When someone a ninja wishes to ambush is hunting a specific type of animal, the ninja will leave tracks of that animal for the quarry to follow.

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