Featherfoot Alteration

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Range: Touch Components: S Duration: 1 turn Casting Time: 5 rounds/level Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: None

The person affected by this spell gains the magical ability to move quietly and weightlessly at a normal walking pace or slower. If he tries to go any faster, the effect of the spell is lost.

While the spell is in effect, the character gains +30% to his move silently roll. (If he does not possess this skill, for the duration of the spell he performs as though he does possess the skill with a score of 30%.)

The person affected by this spell does not leave any footprints, nor does he set off weight- or pressure-based traps.

The reverse of this spell, leadfoot, affects one creature. The victim is allowed a saving throw to avoid being affected by the spell.

The victim of a leadfoot spell moves loudly and heavily. He cannot move silently or hide in shadows, and automatically sets off any pressure-based traps he steps on. (No roll is necessary.)

A leadfooted character inside the area of a silence spell moves normally; he can be heard if he fails to make a move silently roll.

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