Greater Distraction Illusion

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Range: 10 feet/level Components: S Duration: 1 turn/levels Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: Neg.

With this spell, the caster causes the victim to become distracted by a sensation. The caster decides what the sensation will be before he casts the spell. Typical sensations include itching, the feeling that one's hands are grubby, or the need to answer nature's call.

If the victim fails the saving throw, the sensation will not stop distracting him until he deals with it (by scratching the itch, washing his hands, etc.) or until the spell duration ends. Once either of these conditions is met, the distracting sensation ends. If the victim makes the save, he feels the sensation momentarily but it goes away almost immediately. The victim is never aware that a spell was cast on him, whether he saves or not.

This is another spell used by intruding ninja to maneuver guards or intended targets out of position.

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