Improved Mirror Image Illusion Phantasm

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Range: 0 Components: S Duration: 3 rounds/level Casting Time: 2 rounds Area of Effect: 30-foot radius Saving Throw: None

This spell works much like the 2nd-level wizard spell mirror image, with some important differences.

The mirror images appear in the vicinity of the caster, but they can move up to 30 feet away. Although the images must face the same target or enemy (whichever one the spellcaster is facing), they do not have to perform exactly the same actions. They can draw different weapons or appear to choose different tactics in combat.

When struck in combat, these images collapse as if injured or killed, feeling solid to the person attacking them. Only at the start of the next combat round do "injured" images disappear.

Like the images created by a mirror image spell, these visions can do no actual damage. If they attack an enemy in combat, all their attacks seem to miss until they are struck or the spell duration ends.

To determine how many images appear, the DM rolls 1d4 and adds 1 for every three levels of the ninja's spellcasting experience.

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