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In campaigns based around an Oriental culture, characters start play knowing martial arts.

In campaigns based around a more mainstream or western culture, characters start play knowing punching and wrestling.

In campaigns featuring characters from a mixture of backgrounds, each character should start play with the type of unarmed combat appropriate to his culture. The character, if given an opportunity, can later learn an unarmed combat style originating in a different culture, and even specialize in it.

It takes a long time to learn a combat style. For game purposes, consider that it takes a year of average effort and devotion to learn martial arts at the basic (proficient) level and four years of average effort and devotion (plus reaching the 4th experience level or above) to specialize in martial arts, the equivalent of a black belt.

Any character can specialize in one unarmed combat style (punching, wrestling, martial arts). Single-class warriors can specialize in more than one.

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