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Learning an advanced martial art is like learning any other proficiency, with some important exceptions.

Martial arts styles are powerful abilities that require the expenditure of many proficiency slots to learn well. It takes only one slot to learn a specific art at its basic level, but it can take a character's entire stock of slots to learn an art at a very advanced level.

A character can learn any element of an advanced martial art by expending either a weapon proficiency slot or a nonweapon proficiency slot on it. A character learning a lot of martial arts elements could end up spending many weapon proficiencies and nonweapon proficiencies on it.

A character wishing to learn advanced martial arts must first know basic martial arts. Characters originating in an Oriental culture are assumed to have proficiency in basic martial arts, but foreigners must spend a proficiency slot to learn basic martial arts before entering advanced study.

Once that condition is met, the character must find a master to study under. A ninja receives training from childhood in the clan's special maneuvers and weapons but must seek out a master on his own if he desires to go beyond his clan's specialties. A Lone Wolf ninja who desires further training must also find a master to study with.

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