Principal Method Block

Basic Parry: The basic parry maneuver prevents melee attacks from hitting the martial artist. It does not work against missile attacks.

A character can perform the basic parry if he has not used both his martial arts attacks for that round. Even if his opponent has initiative, the martial artist can announce that he's using one of his attacks to parry. The martial artist rolls an attack against his opponent, taking into account all normal adjustments to his opponent's AC and the "Unarmed vs. Armor" conditions described later this chapter. If the attack hits, the martial artist has parried the first blow struck at him this round by his opponent.

When the Attack Roll Fails: The incoming attack hits.

Weapons Allowed: Any. Characters using sai or jitte weapons receive a +2 bonus to hit with the basic parry maneuver.

Parry All: The parry all maneuver is a more advanced form of the basic parry. It requires two of the character's attacks for the round (the total number of attacks for most characters). With this expenditure, the martial artist gets to roll a block against every melee attack aimed at her this round, so long as she is aware of the attacks. She makes a separate attack roll against each oncoming blow.

When the Attack Roll Fails: The opponent's blow hits.

Weapons Allowed: Any. Characters using sai or jitte weapons receive a +2 bonus to hit with the parry all maneuver.

Grappling Block: With this advanced maneuver, the martial artist parries an incoming weapon attack and is able to grab the weapon, making it harder for the attacker to use it against him. If the martial artist is unarmed, the grappling block requires both his hands to perform; if he is armed, it requires his weapon hand.

The grappling block takes one of the martial artist's attacks, just like the basic parry. If it is successful, the martial artist and the attacker both have a grip on the weapon. The grip is never a dangerous one for the martial artist. For example, the grappling block allows the unarmed martial artist to clap the blade of a sword-wielding opponent between his palms, preventing it from striking.

In order to strike the martial artist with the weapon, the attacker must get it free. To do this, the attacker rolls 1d20 and compares the number rolled to his Strength score. If the attacker succeeds in his Strength check, he recovers his weapon. If he loses his roll by 4 or more, he loses his weapon (it is now in the martial artist's hand). Any other result leaves the two combatants still grappling for the weapon. The attacker may make as many Strength checks per round as he has attacks available, and can release the weapon voluntarily at any time.

The martial artist can make further attacks on his opponent with a +2 to his chance to hit, if the grappling block maneuver has left his principal body part free to make the attack. For example, if he used a chain to catch his opponent's attack, and his principal attack method is the kick, he can attack with a leg. But if he used a two-handed sword to catch his opponent's attack and his principal attack method is a fist strike, he has no hands free to attack. Additionally, any other character making an attack against either of the two combatants grappling for the weapon gets +2 to hit.

When the Attack Roll Fails: The martial artist has managed to foul his own weapon on that of his opponent. If his opponent can then make a normal attack roll against him—requiring no time and not costing him an attack—the opponent yanks his weapon free, leaving the character disarmed.

Weapons Allowed: Any. Characters using chain or rope weapons receive a +2 bonus to hit with the grappling block maneuver.

Arrow Parry: With this maneuver, the martial artist is able to parry thrown and missile weapons. This maneuver requires two attacks for the round and applies to all attacks that the martial artist is aware of.

When the Attack Roll Fails: The weapon strikes the martial artist.

Weapons Allowed: Any. Characters using shields receive a +2 bonus to hit with the arrow parry maneuver.

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