Sense Treason Divination

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Range: special Components: S Duration: Instantaneous Casting Time: 5 rounds Area of Effect: the caster Saving Throw: None

With this spell, a shinobi spellcaster can determine that the clan has been deliberately betrayed.

The DM determines what constitutes such betrayal, but the spell normally reacts when a clan member has deliberately taken an action that puts his own welfare above the clan's.

However, the spellcaster cannot determine the identity of the betrayer or reveal details of that betrayal. The spell has no range, so the traitor could be anyone in the clan.

The spell does not react to exiles, outcasts, or clan members the spellcaster believes to be dead.

This is a spell used most often by Shinobi Mage advisors to clan leaders. Though it is necessary to know about such betrayals in order to protect the clan, this spell can be as much a curse as it is a blessing, because it makes the clan lord and his advisors paranoid.

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