Shadow Form Illusion Phantasm

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Range: Unlimited Components: S

Duration: One hour or until struck Casting Time: 5 rounds Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: None

With this spell, the ninja creates a transparent duplicate of himself. The duplicate, or shadow-form, appears adjacent to the spellcaster. It wears all the clothing and carries all the equipment that were in the ninja's possession when he cast the spell, leaving him unclothed and unarmed; the clothing and equipment are not transparent.

For the duration of the spell, the ninja controls the shadow-form's actions and sees through its eyes. It is an extension of him and possesses all of his physical and mental skills but not his magical abilities. (In other words, it moves, sounds, and fights just as he does but cannot cast spells.) The ninja sees through both sets of eyes at once. When the shadow-form is waiting or resting, the ninja can take actions on his own, but he cannot make both his real body and his shadow-form act at the same time.

If the shadow-form is hit in combat or struck with a dispel magic spell, it disappears—leaving behind all the clothing and equipment it was carrying. Also left behind is a handful of leaves inside the clothes, all that remains of the insubstantial body.

Spirit Warriors and spellcasting shinobi use this spell to perform particularly frightening short-term assignments. The shadow-form may be sent off to attack someone, to deliver a message, to scout a dangerous area, or to undertake any sort of action in which the ninja cannot afford to be caught. Usually the spellcaster dresses in a ninja night-suit before casting this spell, so that it is not readily obvious that the person within the clothing is transparent. When the shadow-form wears a night-suit and moves around in the dark, it is difficult to see that it is not a physical being.

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