Forbidden Kill Strikes

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1: Rogue Experience Levels 2: Ninja Thieving Skill Base Scores 3: Thieving Skill Dexterity Adjustments 4: Backstab Damage Multipliers 5: Thieving Skill Armor Adjustments 6: Clan Status

7: Spirit Warrior Spell Progression 8: Spirit Warrior Experience Levels 9: Shinobi Thief Base Scores 10: Shinobi Bard Base Scores 11: Proficiency Costs 12: Nonweapon Proficiency Groups 13: Broad and Tight Weapon Groups 14: Enamor Proficiency Results 15: Escape Proficiency Penalties 16: Martial Arts Results 17: Common Martial Arts Styles 18: Martial Style Combinations 19: Special Maneuvers 20: Ch'i Attacks

21: Penalties and Bonuses Vs. Armored Opponents

22: Penalties Vs. Armed Opponents

23: Martial Arts Hit Locations

24: Weapon List

25: Missile Weapon Ranges

26: Miscellaneous Equipment

27: Weapon Modifications

28: Ninja Clan Alignments

29: Clan Member Alignments

30: Ninja Clan Resources

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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