Background of Doron Navon 8th

Doron Navon, from Israel, is the only non-Japanese who has the 8th dan in Togakure-ryu Ninpo, and is a shihan (senior teacher) of the Japanese Honbu (the center and fountainhead) of ninpo—all of the other shihan being Japanese. He speaks fluent Japanese and English, as well as Hebrew, and acts as an interpreter for Dr. Hatsumi in Japan and abroad.

He went to Japan at the end of 1966, and stayed eight years, mainly studying ninjutsu and judo. In 1974, after acquiring teaching certificates in both arts, he returned to Israel and opened the first ninjutsu school outside Japan. This school is now the center of Israeli ninjutsu. Besides his 8th dan in ninjutsu, he has a 4th dan in judo from the Kodokan and is a teacher of the Feldenkrais method, which works on improving the quality of movement through the coordination and integration of the motor and nervous systems and the thinking processes.

Doron now travels around the world teaching the philosophy and technique of ninjutsu and the unique method of Feldenkrais. He continues his studies of ninpo with Dr. Hatsumi, often returning to Japan to . improve his skill and understanding of the art.

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