I If you wont to fight you have to fight, and fighting is more dangerous than drilling. The realistic fighter has to accept the risk of injury. With a lot of drilling, a person can learn many realistic fighting skills, and become capable, perhaps, of defending himself against a common, unarmed street attack. There is no way to fight a trained fighter without getting your feet wet.

There are a number of ways to practice free fighting. The main ways are: Stand up: punches only Stand up: punches and kicks Stand up: punches, kicks, and knees (virtually no ones spars with elbows and headbutts)

Stand up: takedowns only Stand up: strikes and takedowns Mat work: position only Mat work: position and submission Mat work: position, submission, strikes Vale Tudo (anything goes)

Sparring is far and away the greatest source of injuries. In addition to pain, injuries mean lost training time and a loss of progress, They must be avoided.

When aerobic dancing was first popularized in the 70s, a survey revealed that aerobics instructors had an injury rate higher than that of marathon runners. In response, the industry developed Low Impact Aerobics, where one foot is always on the floor, preventing impact injuries, in the same vein, the safest way to practice submission fighting is with at least one knee on the mat at all times.

While this doesn't precisely mimic a real fight, this is the best, safest way to begin learning how to free fight on the ground. The length of time before beginning mat work varies from gym to gym. The time can be from six months to as little as the very first lesson.

Always begin with someone much more experience than you ore. Wait several months, at a minimum, before doing any competitive mat work with someone of roughly equal ability.

After a while, controlled striking with light gloves can be introduced on the mat.

Position Only mat work is good as an occasional supplement to regular training. Position Only is the only woy children should be allowed to grapple. For the Stand up aspect of grappling, have children do Sumo, where they try to push each other out of a defined space. Having children free style throwing each other, is not a very good idea.

Stand up sparring is more difficult than mat work. As explained in the Stand Up chapter, a thorough understanding of the basics and a good level of conditioning must be reached before sparring.

Begin throwing punches only. Over time add kicks, and then, finally, knees, No one in their right mind spars with hard elbows and head butts. As always with sparring, start with someone who has more experience than you do. A detailed description of how to spar is found in the Stand Up chapter.

Takedown sparring is the most dangerous of all. If you do decide to play this way, don't resist too much when you feel you are about to be taken down. Instead concentrate on landing in an advantageous position. Single and Double Leg takedowns are relatively safe, sweeps are in the middle, and over the hfp or shoulder takedowns can be quite dangerous. A full Souplesse can be so dangerous that many people do not even drill them with a real person, preferring instead to use a dummy or heavy bag.

When you can competently Stand Up spar with punches, kicks, and knees, and you can competently grapple for submission on the mat, and you can ably take an opponent down, you are ready to do "Anything Goes" sparring.

Wear light gloves, a mouthpiece, — and a cup. It is possible to go all out this way, but the risk of injury may well outweigh the benefits. You will have to decide for yourself. As a reasonable alternative, try all out sparring, but go lightly.

Do not go all out with a number of people in a row. It is serious business and should be treated as such. Only go all out with a sparring partner you know and trust, and control yourself the entire time.

When you are comfortable with combining your Stand Up, takedown, and Ground game, you are ready to begin competing.

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