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Because the Pa Kua Chang Journal is only thirty-two pages in length and is published only six times per year, it is impossible to fit articles about every aspect of Ba Gua Zhang into every issue. With limited space it is difficult to be very thorough in addressing a topic in one, or even a series, of articles. Consequently it has been my goal to try and present material in stages over longer periods of time.

During the first two years our focus was to bring readers information about instructors who teach in the United States. Although we have continued to present this information during our third and four years of publication, our focus shifted to a coverage of Ba Gua Zhang history and biographies of the first few generations of masters so that readers could better understand the roots of the system.

We are now reaching an end to the history cycle and we will be entering into a more technically oriented focus during our fifth year of publication. I felt that it was important to build a historical perspective prior to focusing on the technical aspects of Ba Gua as it will help readers understand why technical differences arise between styles in the practice of Ba Gua. In the future, I intend to present special issues which focus on different technical aspects of Ba Gua. Next year we will have separate journal issues dedicated to various aspects of Ba Gua such as: Ba Gua weapons, Ba Gua Qi Gong, Ba Gua footwork, Ba Gua power development, Ba Gua locking and throwing, etc. In each issue we will present how a variety of instructors from different Ba Gua styles and lineages approach these aspects of the art.

Having laid the historical and biographical foundation during the first four years of publication, I feel it will be easier to present the various technical aspects of Ba Gua. When we write about how Xie Pei Qi or Sun Zhi Jun or Li Zi Ming teaches Ba Gua stepping or Qi Gong, readers will already be familiar with these instructors names, lineages and stylistic characteristics. Therefore, in the future, we can concentrate more on the technical aspects and less on biography and history.

On the Cover Cheng Ting Hua's youngest son, Cheng You Xin

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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