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Baguazhang: The Complete System Volume 2 Linear Form

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This book contains material never before published. The enclosed information can only have come from Erle Montaigue, being the only Westerner to have received this information. It is illegal to copy any portion of this book other than brief extracts for review articles. You must obtain permission directly from the copyright holder ©2004. It is also illegal to plagiarize any part of this book to use in some other publication, paper, electronic, or video and film, by changing it in some way to make out as if it has not come from this source.

This book is provided free of charge in good faith so that all may enjoy the great benefits of this pinnacle of all Baguazhang systems. You may download it free of charge. But please do not plagiarize it. Even though it is free, it is still covered by international copyright laws. Moontagu Books Ltd: CN 4964420 POB 35

Gwynfe Llangadog SA19 9SY Wales UK

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First Published in The UK Electronically December 2004 All Rights Reserved ISBN: 0-949132-07-9

This book is published free of charge on the internet for personal use only! Plagiarism Is a crime both legally and morally! Please do not steal our hard work for self gain.

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