From the previous posture, take your right palm under your left palm and perform the 'slip block' as you spin around to the S. on your heels. PHOTO NO. 182. Take his left palm attack and grab it across my chest making sure that I turn my body to lessen the blow. PHOTO NO. 183.

I then slam down with my left elbow as before only I take a step with my left foot to parallel my right. And strike with my left fingers. I raise my both forearms over my head

and attack with double dragon palms to his mid section with right foot forward as before only the exact opposite. The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. I now face into the SW corner.



I now perform the slip block taking my left palm under my right and spinning around to face the N. again. PHOTO

NO. 184. I then take my right palm under my left and do another slip block taking a step to the N. with my right foot and attack with right single pounding palm. PHOTO NO. 185.


The opponent would block by attack with his right palm and re-attack with his left. A113. I should block his attack with my left forearm 'wrapping up' his left arm. PHOTO NO. 186. A114.

I would then step right around with my left foot so that I face the S. and grab his left palm while striking to his groin. PHOTO NO. 187 A115.

would use his free right palm to attack my face. I should spin around to face his on my toes taking my left palm upward in a circle to defend my face and pick up my right foot taking my right hooked palm in ready to attack his groin. PHOTO NO. 188. A116. I Step in to the N. and attack his groin with my right palm. PHOTO NO. 189. A117.

I block his left attack from right to left with my right palm and take my left palm around my back. PHOTO NO. 190. A118.

I then spin around as before taking my left palm across his chest with my left foot across his left leg. My right palm is ready to defend or attack to his eyes. PHOTO NO. 191. A119

I now face the N. I then throw him over my left leg, A120 and come around to face the S. PHOTO NO. 192.

I scoop my right wrist and bring my left palm under my right elbow to 'slip block and stepping to the S. with my left foot perform single palm strike to the S. PHOTO

The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. He now blocks my left with his left and re-attacks with his right, I wrap his arm up with my right forearm


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