Photo No 289 A184


SNAKE PALMS: (Opposite)

Swivel around in a C/W direction and again block downward with the left palm as before only in reverse. Facing the N. Now repeat all of the previous movements only on the reverse side. To end up as in PHOTO NO. 289, only opposite.


Facing the N. with your right foot forward take his right attack with your right palm and grab his wrist. A185. As you pull his right arm forward, kick to his right kidney area with your left instep. PHOTO NO. 290. A186. Place your left foot down where it is and spinning around, flip your right leg around to the N. PHOTO NO. 291


Repeat all of the last postures of 'DRAGON WHIPS TAIL' on the reverse side still facing to the N. You end up facing to the N. with feet together as for the starting posture.

This brings us to the end of the linear fighting form of Baguazhang. Remember that all of the palm attacks must be done with a fa-jing attitude and every movement must be self contained with no momentum going forward from one movement to the next. Only centrifugal movement may be borrowed by the next movement. The power all comes from the waist, the legs perform the job that they were meant to do, to get us out of trouble quickly with the least movement. Some of these techniques will seem strange and rather difficult. T hese are the ones that aren't meant to be used in the street but are only there so that you will gain the balance and timing from them. If you can 'almost' use some of these techniques then you will most certainly be able to use the simpler ones and be able to rely upon them in a life or death situation. So grab your partners and start to practice because you know what practice makes!

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