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Having found no solid evidence to prove otherwise, K'ang concluded that Tung Hai-Ch'uan was the originator of Pa Kua Chang. He states that after practicing the circle walk practice with the Taoists, Tung recognized the utility of this footwork and body movement in martial arts. K'ang believes that Tung Hai-Ch'uan's genius was coming up with a system of martial arts whereby the practitioner could deliver powerful strikes while remaining in constant motion. Due to Pa Kua Chang's combination of unique footwork and body mechanics, the Pa Kua Chang stylist never has to stop moving. The feet are in continuous motion even when applying a block or strike. K'ang said that Tung's addition of the Kou (hooking) and Pai (swinging) footwork in directional changes was also an important addition.

Through his intense research K'ang has also discovered that Tung did not originally call his art Pa Kua Chang. His art was originally called Chuan Chang (Rotating Palm) and then later called Pa Kua Chuan Chang and finally Pa

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Mixed Martial Arts

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