Seven days to self defense

Effective kicking areas using the front snap kick are:

To the groin. This is probably the only place and form of self-defense that most women know, but they do it with a stiff-legged kick, which is not at all effective. Using the proper form, snap your foot between the man's legs and lift up. Do not try to hit a point but try to get as much of your foot as possible between his legs and into the target area. After contacting the target, pull your foot down and back very fast so he cannot grab it.

To the knee. This kick will disable him if done hard enough. As the assailant walks toward you, snap the foot or the heel of the shoe directly into the attacker's knee or across it. This kick can cause his knee to buckle and is very effective even if you miss the knee and get him in the shin, because it is very painful and will end his pursuit.

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