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ridiculous and foolish, they may help your heart but do nothing for your body. Running is great for the heart but does nothing for the outside appearance of your body. In short most book currently available on fitness are just books that are concerned with getting your wallet shaped smaller, not shaping you into some sort of perfect person.

My section on diets is both practical and honest, you won't find gimmicks nor tricks, but straight facts and suggestions about a logical and sensible eating program to gain muscle and lose fat. I explain for you some of the incorrect facts you may have about dieting and show some suggested plans for your new eating habits.

I conclude this book on fitness and body shaping with a chapter l have never seen in a fitness book. Meditation. I don't believe you can have a perfect body if you are a perfect fool or have a messed up mind. You can't achieve the results you want in your program if you can't concentrate on the muscles when exercising or can't stay on your diet. So I show you some techniques of meditation that can help you to achieve a better understanding of your mind and your body and how they are related to each other in your total fitness program.

If you will follow my program as I have outlined it for 3 months you will begin to see remarkable results in your

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The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

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