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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Ultimate Abundance Attract More Love, can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

What Is a Martial

Broadly, a martial art is any system of physical, mental, and sometimes philosophical and spiritual training intended as preparation for combat or a combative sport, or a related form of self-improvement. The details vary widely. All such systems are martial in that their core physical training is at least modeled on man-to-man combat. Some go further, focusing on actual combat skills to the exclusion of sport, religion, and aesthetics. Others emphasize the art, perhaps going so far as to be strictly noncompetitive and noncombative.

The New Idea We Ought To Have

Buddha-dharma teaches us not to hate and not to be destructive with our thoughts, words or actions. Buddhism teaches us to establish a sublime and virtuous ideal, to be firm with ourselves, and to practice self-improvement. It teaches us to do good deeds for the benefit of others and to have patience. It also encourages us to be sympathetic towards the wicked. Do not despise those in error but endeavour to assist their sublimation of that error. Gradually exert your benign influence upon them so that the salutary inclination towards virtuous fulfilment may grow in their minds.

Standing Like A Tree In Chinese Zhan Zhuang Is A Unique Chi Kung

Zhang Zhuang Tantien Hands

The techniques for personal development in this book have traditionally been practiced in the martial arts. But the high levels of energy they generate help to transform everyday life. They increase your stamina and brain power. The results work wonders in demanding professions. They give you resilience in high-stress environments and unlock astonishing creative power in the performing arts.

Teaching And Counseling

Teaching and counseling refer to improving performance by overcoming problems, increasing knowledge, or gaining new perspectives and skills. Teaching your soldiers is the only way you can truly prepare them to succeed and survive in combat. You must take a direct hand in your soldiers' professional and personal development. Counseling is especially important in the Army. Because of the Army's mission, leaders must be concerned with the entire scope of soldiers' well-being. Personal

Teaching Sparring So Students Wont Quit Personal Contact Versus Full Contact

My motivation has always been as a teacher, not a fighter or champion. Even though at the same time I was traveling to Europe regularly to compete with the United States Karate Team, I've never had a compelling drive to be a world champion or trophy collector. I've always competed for the education and experience. Whenever I'm in a learning environment, such as working with a great teacher or taking a personal development seminar, I am always asking myself, How can I teach this to my students

The Kundalini Experience

Being a college professor means you have the summer off to indulge in little self-improvement projects. When the school year ended in 1985 I decided to follow the prescriptions given in my chi kung correspondence course from the Chinese National Chi Kung Institute in Moulton, Alabama, to arouse the bubbling springs or bring the inner fire to the brain. This is known as 'Tien Tao Chi Kung or Heaven's Way and corresponds to the Indian Kundalini. I'd been able to run the microcosmic orbit connecting the meridians and chakras to the spine both front and back with a single breath for about three years and was able to bend a candle flame to my bidding, so I thought I'd go for the big time. Ninety days of meditating as much as possible.

Since writing this part for this book Robb Whitewood has had his book on Xingyi published by Paladin Press in the USA

Within the Internal Martial Arts Academy the aim is to look beyond the traditional explanations of the technique. In looking beyond the traditional practices, it is then possible to know why things were taught the way they were. It is also possible to change tradition if it has become so formalised that it has lost its relevance. To this end we have changed some of the animal forms to suit this more pragmatic approach to the internal arts. In addition we teach personal development, concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, massage and meditation, as these are all part of the process.

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

It has been said about American men that maintaining one's lawn is more important than maintaining one's friendships. After the age of thirty the making of new friends is rare for men as most of our energy is put into getting ahead. It is a sad commentary on life in modern industrialized civilization that the very pursuits that create a comfortable lifestyle for our families can blight personal development. Even successful women have not relaxed the pressure on men to succeed. Success is measured financially. If women are sex objects, then men are success objects. Most embrace the system with little consideration beyond their wallet. The emphasis on financial reward taints activities that were once regarded with respect. We are losing the concepts cf husbandry, craftsmanship, friendship, and individual personal development.


Remember that this is only the basic of the physical component of Hsing-I. There are the animal forms, strategy, the breathing and meditation to be included to make up the complete system of Hsing-I. Of course when you get through all that there is still the personal development, concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, massage and philosophy. I have found that the study in these areas becomes a life long journey of learning about myself and my relationship with the world and others.

Muscles In The Media

It's fair to say that there's bodybuilding before Arnold and there's bodybuilding after Arnold. Pumping Iron launched a worldwide resurgence in the appeal of weight training and Arnold Mania had begun. Gyms memberships skyrocketed. At a time when movie producers declared muscle movies to be dead, Arnold Schwarzenegger single-handedly redefined movies, muscles and the public's perception of the bodybuilder. A muscular body was now looked upon as a work of art. The garish novelty which a muscular man once represented was replaced by intellect and aesthetics. Muscle no longer connoted vanity and narcissism. It symbolized discipline, focus, and self improvement. In other words, it perfectly matched the ideals of the time.


A true martial artist strives to master a system of fighting arts. He's dedicated to physical, mental, and possibly spiritual self-improvement in pursuit of that goal. He probably started training as a youth and has devoted far more than just his free time to learning and practicing his craft since then.

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