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When you first come back to shore or to your home base, you arc not always in as good a physical shape as you were when you deployed. For this reason it is critical that you start back sensibly so as not to injure yourself. Both the PT and endurance components need to be modified so as to improve your overall fitness, not to put you in the doctor's office. Table 15-(> and Table 15-7 provide a reasonable Fitness and PT program for those coming off of travel. When you feel like you are back to your usual fitness level, then the Basic or Total Body Physical Fitness Programs can be started and/or worked into your schedule.

Table 15-6. A Re-Entry Physical Fitness Program

Week Day

Activities for the Day


Modified PT/2 - 3 Mile Run/Stretch


1 Mile Swim/Stretch


Modified PT/3 Mile Run with Modified Fartlek Workout/Stretch


Run 1.5 Miles/Swim 1/Run 1.5/Stretch


Alternate 5 Mile Hike with Pack and Monster Mash with Buddy Carries

Saturday and Sunday

Take one or two days off according to how you feel and your preferences

Two to Three Times/Week

Circuit or Free Weight Training

Total Time

Exercises* r in


Jumping Jacks 25 60

1/2 Jumping Jacks 25-2 count 60

Up-Back-and Overs 5 60

Crunches (All Variations) 40 - 80 60

Push-Ups (Regular) 20 60

Flutter Kicks 15 30

Butterflies Stretch 2 30

ITB Stretch 2 each side 60

3 Way Hurdler's Stretch 2 each side 180

Swimmer's Stretch 2 30

Push-Ups (Diamond) 20 60

Sit-Ups 20 60

Push-Ups (Wide Stance) 20 60

Supine Back Stretch 1 30

Torso Prone Stretch 2 30

Prone Superman 10 each side 60

Vee-Ups 30 60

Donkey Kicks 20 each side 60

Hand to Knee Squat 10 30

Posterior Shoulder or Upper Back Stretch 2 30


Triceps Stretch

2 each side


Iliopsoas Stretch (Russian Dancers)

2 each side


Standing Quad Stretch

2 each side


Standing Toe Pointers



Gastroc/Soleus Stretch

2 each side








Rope Climbs



*A1I exercises (described in Chapter 7: Flexibility or Chapter 8: Calisthenics) should be done in order.

*A1I exercises (described in Chapter 7: Flexibility or Chapter 8: Calisthenics) should be done in order.

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