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Maintaining fitness aboard a ship or submarine is possible. However, it requires motivation and discipline because usually the team spirit is missing. It is critical to maintain fitness so that when you reach your destination you have not become detrained. Table 15-5 presents a potential training program that could be followed on most ships. Most ships have stationary bicycles and rowing machines. However, if the ship has some other type of equipment, the schedule below could be modified to accommodate what equipment is available.

Table 15-5. Physical Fitness in Confined Spaces

Week Day

Activities for the Day


PT/30 min Interval Work-Out (Rowing Ergometer)/Stretch


45 min Steady State Work-Out (Stationary Cycle)/Stretch


PT/45 min Fartlek Work-Out (Rowing Ergometer, Jumping Rope)/Stretch


Cycle 15/Row 15//Cycle 15/Stretch


Total Body PT

Saturday and Sunday

Take one day off and use other day for 60 minutes of low key training with whatever you choose

Two to Three Times/Week

Circuit or Free Weight Training if Possible

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Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness Fundamentals

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