The Warrior Zero Body Weight Challenge

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One mile warm-up, slow pace 10 minutes lower body stretching One mile sprints/1 to 2 minute jogs: Repeat four times Two mile cool-down, easy pace Whole body stretching

These are not the only interval workouts, so you may modify them to suit your requirements. For example, you could do pyramids: you would start with a quarter mile, followed by a half mile, 3/4 mile, and mile, then go back down in reverse. Between each speed set, it is best to jog one quarter to one half the distance to accelerate recoverv.

It is good idea to vary your daily running mileage so you have some "light" days in between heavy training. Avoid running long distances on two consecutive days, unless you are training for a marathon, to give your body time to recover. Listen to your body and pace yourself accordingly.

Consider biking, swimming, stair-climbing or other activities that will provide a good aerobic workout while mainly using muscles other than those used during running. A major benefit of cross training is that it prevents the onset of over-use injuries while maintaining fitness. For information about cross-training see Chapter 3: Cardiorespiratory Conditioning. Strength training, especially upper body strength workouts, have become an important part of a "runner's" overall workout. It is recommended that you strength train two to three times a week (see Chapter 6).

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Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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