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It is extremely important to consider muscle balance when designing your workouts. Building strength in the triceps should be balanced by strengthening the biceps, and strengthening the quadriceps should be balanced by strengthening the hamstrings. Without proper balancing of opposing muscle groups, you become vulnerable to injury.

The main goal of a weight training regimen is to produce a gain in overall strength for operational tasks.

Many exercises can be incorporated into your strength training program. Table 6-2 presents a list of exercises by specific body parts, all of which are demonstrated in Appendix A. This translates into a complete body workout from the calves to the neck.

Table 6-2. Exercise Selection List by Body Part

Body Part Exercises


Leg Extensions

Standing Calf Raises

Leg Curls Leg Press


Curl Grip Lat Pulldown Reverse Barbell Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row Hyperextensions


Bench Press

Incline Dumbbell Press


Behlnd-the-Neck Press

Upright Row

Arms: Triceps Pressdowns Curls

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