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Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches of the muscle groups to he exercised during FT should be performed following a warm-up. Dynamic stretches should not be jerky movements. In fact, any slow, controlled movement that simulates the activity to be performed, executed for approximately 2 seconds, is sufficient. Some suggested dynamic exercises are provided in Table 7-1.

Table 7-1. Dynamic Stretch Exercises to be Used in Physical Training

Name Description ^ , x


Neck Rolls

No count exercise: From a standing position, slowly roll the head to the side, toward the back, to other side, etc.

Neck muscles

4-count exercise: Begin from a standing position, with one arm elevated above the head, and other arm down and slightly away from body. On count 1 both arms are pulled Hi Jack, Hi Jill backward, stretching chest muscles, and released. Count 2 repeats first movement On count 3, arms exchange positions and again pull toward back and release. Repeat this movement on count 4.

Chest and anterior shoulder muscles

Up Back and Over

3-count exercise: Begin from standing position, arms at sides. On count 1, bring both arms forward and upward. On count 2, bring both arms down and back. On count 3, bring both arms forward, up, back, and around to complete a full circle.

Shoulders, chest, and back

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