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Definition: philosophically indicates conditions in the present staining trim thoughts and actions in the past. In Sanskrit it encompasses action and reactions (consequences). In Hindu it implies the work, or labor of the soul in seeking to attain union with God. We generally regard it as the law of cause and effect. To Edgar Cayce it is meeting self.

Cayce claims that all actions has consequences, some of them are felt Immediately for we know if they are right or wrong, but others are and can be explained by accepting future reincarnations Example. why is a child born blind, or one to riches or poverty. He says?

Cause and effect to many are the same as Karma. Karma is that brought ever, while cause and effect may exist in the one material experience only.

It is the eternal destiny of many to become one with his God, and since you are already a part of God this consists in meeting your wolf. Karma is the rebellious influence against such happening. A man can justify himself in his relationships with another by s mercy, love, patience, long-suffering, and brother; love. These will be the fruits of the spirit, and they that would be one with Him must worship him and sprit and in truth.

God is life and life which is constructive grows, that which is destructive deteriorates, so an individual entity prows to a heaven of peace and understanding harmony, you grow to Heaven, rather than going to heaven, you grow in grace in understanding. hence the words of God. "if ye will be my daughter, my son, my child, I will indeed be thy God.' W e are the children of God and our sprit , our soul, is part of his could, but it condemn, rejects, or falters because of the conditions of the mind. Wind is the builder to a path to unification with God.

So there become a spirituals truths criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee gain. It must not be in the anus way, but one can not even think bad of another without affecting oneself in a destructive manner.

"Think well of others if you cannot sneak well, then don' t speak at all- but don't think it either:" To simply hear of God and how to become as He is not enough, one must apply and live and be like Him if one wishes to know him.

Your body is the temple of the living God. Your must act like that. Do net speak against a friend or a foe any different than those would if they were in the presence of God, and you are for he is within they self

Karma is a personal thing, where we alone meet ourselves, it is not between individuals, 6~her people merely provide the means or conditions for us to learn our lessons. You have no karmic debt to work you with others, but your karmic debt may have to be worked out in associations with others Do not attempt to be good, but rather good for something.

The Purpose for the soul to become reincarnated: The entity return for the purpose of manifesting in materiality under the environs of those things built. In the past, or the hereditary influence of the entity. The grow the of the soul depends upon what the will chooses. Love, faith, hope, charity, are activities that show the spirit of the master and ails in the attunement to him, while fear, doubt, avarice, and greed are porthole to the fruits of darkness

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