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Marcel came off the mat, snatching a towel and bottle of mineral water from his gym bag.

"I should've known I'd see you at this thing, Frenchie."

Marcel smiled. "It is good to see you, Max. At least I know there will be some real competition in this tournament."

Max laughed as the smaller Frenchman hugged him. "Whoa, Marcie, you're scarin' me again. You always were a fruity little bubba."

Marcel laughed with him. "And I see you are still as repressed and homophobic as ever, my big American friend. Perhaps we will see each other on the mat, yes? I enjoyed our last encounter. "

Max playfully punched the man in the arm. "You know it."

The smile faded as soon as the Frenchman had turned his back, and Max walked over to the stands where Bri was sitting, watching the match.

"Sure. Don't introduce me or anything. Sexist jerk. Who was that?"


Brianna frowned. Usually she couldn't shut the lug up. "And.?"

"And nothing. Someone I knew when I was in the army. Forget it. You don't want to know him, trust me."

Although the abilities granted by martial arts styles are enough to allow a character to defend himself against attack, they are only the beginning of the character's training. Beyond the basic training in a style, there are numerous maneuvers a character can learn. These are detailed below.

Maximum Maneuvers

No more than one maneuver can be applied to any attack. Therefore, a character with the Jab and Hook maneuvers cannot inflict 1d6 damage at +2 to hit; he must either gain the +2 to hit (from the Jab maneuver), or inflict 1d6 damage (from the Hook). Some maneuvers may be used multiple times per round, while some can only be used once per round. Characters with multiple attacks may still make their maximum number of attacks on a full attack action with these maneuvers, but they can only use restricted maneuvers once per round. Some maneuvers are full-round actions. Each of the descriptions below contains information about how long it takes to perform the maneuver.

Designing your own maneuvers

As with martial arts styles, it would be impossible for this book (or any book) to describe every martial arts maneuver throughout recorded history. Therefore, most GMs and players will have at least one maneuver that they have always wanted to see in their games but isn't listed here, and so they will want to design their own. To assist in this, the maneuver design criteria are detailed below, so that players and GMs will have an easier time balancing new maneuvers with what is presented here and with each other.

Accuracy, damage, and time

In general, a maneuver that can be performed multiple times within the same round should do one of the following: grant a +2 bonus to hit, increase the damage of a certain class of attacks by one die size (e.g. from 1d8 to 1d10), or grant some other special effect (such as reducing defense or stunning the target). If a maneuver does any more than this, its use should be restricted to once per round. The most potent maneuvers should be limited to full-round actions, and these will usually have other side effects if the attack does not hit. In general, any maneuver that allows a skill to be added to an attack or increases the number of dice of damage inflicted by an attack (as opposed to simply making that die bigger), should take a full-round action to perform. Another typical benefit granted to such attacks is an increased Strength modifier to damage, raising the modifier to one-and-a-half times the Strength modifier.

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