History: Savate is a French kickboxing style that began among French sailors in the seventeenth century. Although this style's exact origins are unknown, it is believed that sailors who made frequent trips to Burma, China, and Thailand learned eastern techniques, which soon began to find their way into French dockside bar fights. In the nineteenth century, Savate was formalized, and a sport form of the art, Boxe Francaise was born. Savate practitioners call themselves "Savateurs."

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Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts or Defensive Martial Arts.

Effect: You are proficient in kick attacks and are considered armed while making such attacks. Savate also teaches the use of the Rapier, as this style is closely tied to Fencing. This feat adds Balance, Jump, and Tumble to your list of class skills. Savate is an external style whose attacks are modified by either Strength or Dexterity (chosen when you first select this feat). Savate is a non-aesthetic Style.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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