Signs Of Psychic Attack

IF we look at the universe around us we cannot fail to realise that there must be some overruling plan co-ordinating its infinite complexity. If we take into our liands and examine minutely any living tiling, liowever simple, equally must we realise tint tlie ordered diversity of its puts is built up 011 a detenriining framework. Science Ins sought in vain for tliis organising principle: it will never find it 011 the physical plane, for it is not physical. It is not the inherent nature of atoms which causcs them lo arrange themselves in liie complex patterns of living tissues. Tlie driving forces of tlie universe, liie framework upon which it is built up in all its parts, belong lo another phase of manifestation than our physical plane, having other dimensions than liie three lo which we are habituated, aixl perceived by oilier modes of consciousness than those lo which we are accustomed.

We live in the midst of invisible forces whose effects alone we perceive. We move among invisible fonns whose actions we veiy often do not perceive al all. though we may be profoundly affected by them

In this miixl side of nature, invisible lo our senses, intangible lo our instruments of precision many tilings can happen that are not without their echo on liie physical plane. There are beings thai live in tliis invisible world as fish live in the sea. There are men aixl women wilii trained minds, or special aptitudes, who can enter into liiis invisible world as a diver descends lo the ocean bed. There are also limes when, as happens lo a land when the sea dykes break, the invisible forces How in upon us and swamp our lives.

Normally tliis does not occur. We are protected by our very incapacity lo perceive these invisible forces. There are four conditions, however, in which liie veil may be rent aixl we may meet the Unseen. We may find ourselves in a place where these forces are concentrated. We may meet people who are haixlling these forces. We may ourselves go out lo meet the Unseen, led by our interest in it. aixl gel out of our depth before we know where we are: or we may fall victim

10 certain pathological coixlitions which rend liie veil.

The Threshold of liie Unseen is a treacherous coast on which lo bathe. Tliere are potholes and currents aixl quicksaixls. The strong swimmer, who knows ±he coast, may venture in comparative safely. The non swimmer, who lakes counsel of nothing but his own impulses, may pay for his temerity with his life. Bui we must not make the mistake of thinking that these invisible forces are necessarily evil and inimical lo humanity. They are no more inimical in themselves than are water or fire, but lliey are potent If we run counter lo them the result is disastrous for us. for we have broken a natural law: but they are not out lo attack us. any more than we are out lo attack them We must face liie fact however, that men aixl women wilii knowledge of these tilings, have, both in the past aixl in the present used that knowledge unscrupulously, aixl thai we may find our selves involved in liie results of their actions. It may safely be said thai the Unseen is only evil and inimical lo humanity when it lias been corrupted aixl perverted by liie activities of these unscrupulous men aixl women whom initiates call adepts of liie I ,efl haixl Path

We must consider liie outward aixl visible signs of psychic attack before we are in a position lo analyse liie nature of such attacks and iixlicale their source of origin. It is a fuixlamenlal rule that diagnosis must precede treatment There are many different kiixls of psychic attacks, and the methods that will dispose of one will be ineffectual against another.

The commonest fonn of psychic attack is that which proceeds from liie ignorant or malignant mind of our fellow human beings. We say ignorant as well as malignant, for all attacks are not deliberately motived: the injury may be as accidental as that inflicted by a skidding car. This must always be borne in mind, and we should not impute malice or wickcdncss as a mailer of course when we feci we are being victimised. Our persecutor may himself be a victim We should not accuse a man of malice if we liad linked haixls wilii him aixl he liad stepped on a live rail. Nevertheless, we should receive al his haixls a severe shock. So it may be wilii many an occult attack. The person from whom il emanates may not have originated il. Therefore we should never respond lo attack by attack, thus bringing ourselves down lo the moral level of our attackers, but rely upon more humane methods, which are. in reality, equally effectual and far less dangerous lo haixlie.

People also come into touch Willi liie Unseen through liie influence of places. Someone who is not actually psychic, but who is sufficiently sensitive lo perceive liie invisible forces subconsciously, may go lo a place where they are concentrated al a high tension Normally, although we move in the midst of these forces (for they sustain our universe), we are oblivious of them Where Ihey are concentrated, however, unless we are veiy dense minded, we begin lo be dimly conscious of something that is affecting us aixl stirring our subliminal self.

11 may happen thai liie barrier between consciousncss aixl subconsciousness is dense in some people, and they are never able clearly lo realise what is going on They merely have the sense of oppression and general malaise, which lifts when liicy go away lo another place. Consequently, the condition may never be delected, and lead lo years of ill health and misery.

More commonly, however, if there is a definite psychic attack of sufficient force to make itself noticeable at all. there will soon begin to appeal- characteristic dreams. These may include a sense of weight upon the chest as if someone were kneeling on the sleeper. If the sense of weight is present it is certain that the attack emanates locally, for the weight is due to the concentration of etheiic substance or ectoplasm and is sufficiently tangible to piess down the scale of a balance when it is possible to capture it for measurement. A great deal of research ins been done with materialising mediums upon the nature of this tangible subtle substance, and the leader is lefened to the books on the experiments conducted by Crawford with the Goligher Circle at Belfast, and in Paris with Eva C. by other experimenters, for further information and evidence on this subject. It may be noted that Crawford eventually committed suicide for no known reason.

A sense of fear and oppression is veiy characteristic of. occult attack, and one of the surest signs that herald it It is extremely rare for an attack to make itself manifest out of the blue, as it weie. We are not in our normal state of mind, body and circumstance, and then find ourselves suddenly in the midst of an invisible battle. An approaching occult influence casts its shadow on consciousness before it makes itself apparent to the non-psychic. The reason for this is that we perceive subconsciously before we realise consciously, and a line of creeping shade indicates the penetrating of the subconscious censor from below upwards.

As the attack progresses, nervous exhaustion becomes increasingly marked, and there nay. under certain conditions, which we will consider later, be such wasting of the tissues that the victim is reduced to a mere bloodless shell of skin and bones, lying on the bed. too weak to move. And yet no defiiite disease can be demonstrated.

S uch a case is an extreme example, proceeding unchecked to its logical conclusion Other issues are possible, however. The resistance nay be good in which case the attack is unable to gain a foothold on the physical plane, and is limited to that borderland between matter and nind which we perceive upon the threshold of sleep. This is a veiy terrible experience, for the victim is afraid to sleep and cannot keep awake indefinitely. Worn out by fear and lack of sleep, mental breakdown soon supervenes.

Neivous exhaustion and mental breakdown are the commoner results of astral attack among white people, for in Europe at any rate it is not often that an attacker is able to bring the attack to a conclusion in the death of the victim There are. however, records of cases where the victim has died of pure fright K ipling's terrible stoiy. The End of the Passage, gives an account of such an occurrence.

But in addition to the purely subjective phenomena there will also be objective ones if the attack has any degree of concentration. The phenomenon of repercussion is well known the phenomenon wherein that which befalls the subtle body is reflected in the dense body, so that after an astral skirmish during sleep, bruises are found on the physical body, sometimes bruises of a defirite pattern I have seen the print of a goat's hoof and the ace of clubs marked upon the skin as well-defined bruises, passing from blue to yellow and dying away in the course of a few days, as bruises will.

Evil odours are another manifestation of an astral attack. The characteristic smell is of decomposing flesh, and it comes and goes capriciously: but while it is manifesting, there is no doubt whatever about it and anyone who is present can smell it whether they are psychic or not. I have also known a frightful stench of drains arise when a ritual belonging to the Element of Earth was being inconectly performed.

Another curious phenomenon is the precipitation of slime. I have not actually seen this myself, but I have first-hand information upon good authority of one such case. The marks are sometimes as if an army of slugs had been marching in ordered formation sometimes there is a broad smear of slime, and at others, distinct footprints, often of gigantic size. In the case to which I refer, of which I heard from an eye-witness, the marks weie like the foot prints of an elephant enormous tracks on the floor of the drawing-room of a bungalow situated near the sea

Odd footprints appealing from nowhere and leading nowhere, are sometimes observed when there is snow about I have seen them on two occasions on the roof of an out building. They alighted upon the edge of it. as if the walker had stepped off an aeroplane, went straight across, and ended abruptly at the wall of the main building upon which the lean-to abuts. They did not return A single line of footprints tame from nowhere and ended in a lofty wall.

A sinilar happening took place on a veiy extensive scale in Devon some fifty years ago. and an account of it is to be found in that veiy curious book. Oddities, by Command«-Could. In this case, however, the prints were not human but were those of wlnt was apparently tlie lioof of a donkey, proceeding in a single line and going straight tlirough walls and over roofs and covering the i)est put of a couple of hundred miles in a single light on both sides of an unbridged estuary. Tliose w1k> want confirmatory evidence would do well to consult Commander Gould's bex>k wliere the incident is given in detail.

Tliere is a curious phenomenon known to occultists as tlie astral bell: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes use of it in one of lis Sherlock Holmes stories. Tins sound varies from a dear, bell-like note to a feint click. I Inve often lieard it resemble the sound made by striking a cracked wine-glass with a krife-blade. It commonly announces tlie advent of an entity tint is barely able to rrnrifest, anil need not necessarily be a lieralel of evil at all. It may simply 1» a knock on tlie door of the physical world to attract the attention of the inlnbitants to the presence of one who stands without and would speak with tlierri. If, however, it oc:c:urs in tlie presence of otlier symptoms of an astral attack it would give strong evidence in confirmation of tlie diagnosis.

Inexplicable outbreaks of fire are also sometimes seen in tlis connection These indicate tint elemental forces, not human, are at work. Poltergeist plienoiriein also ex:cur, in wlich objects are flung about, bells rung and otlier noisy iriaiifestations take place. Of course there may 1» multiplicity of plienoiriein, more tlnn one type appearing in tlie same ease.

NeeeOess to say, tlie possibility of some natural, material explanation must never 1» ignored, even in eases wliere the supernatural element appears most obvious. It slioulel always be diligently sought in every possible direction before any supernormal liypitliesis is considered wortliy of attention. But on tlie otlier liand, we should not 1» so wedded to materialistic: theories tint we refuse to take a psye:lic theory as a working liypitliesis if it shows any pssibility of being fruitful. After all, tlie prixrf of tlie pudding is in the eating, and if, working on an oe:cult liypithesis, we are able to clear up a case wlie:h Ins resisted all otlier irietliexls of InneOing, we Inve pretty gcxxl evidence in suppirt of our contention.

We must also bear in mind tint the element of deliberate fraud may enter into tlie most unexpected places. I Inve seen a drug addict successfully piss limself off for a considerable length of time as the victim of an cx:e:ult attack. A recent writer in tlie British Medical Journal declared tint whenever lie came across a case of bell-ringing, knixks, the dripping of water and oil from ceilings, and otlier untoward Inppenings, he always lexiked for tlie hysterical irnidseivant. Oe:cultists would 1» very well advised to do likewise before they begin to worry about the Devil. But on the otlier liand, the wise man, whether occultist or scientist, will not insist upon tlie liysterieal irnidseivant unless lie can cate:h lier red-liaiided, as he surely will do scxiner or later if she is the guilty party.

Forged bank-notes would never gain currency unless there were such a tling as genuine bank-notes. It would never excur to anyone to produce fraudulent psye:lic plienoiriein unless tliere Ind been some genuine psyclie: phenomena to act as a pitteni for the forgery.

Tlie acceptance of an explanation slioulel rest upon tlie weight of evidence in its favour, not upon one's dislike of its altenntives. I plead tint the pssibility of a non- material explanation should 1» investigated in eases wliere the materialistic hvpotliesis does not yield results. Not in diseases of the brain and neivous system, nor of tlie ductless glands, nor in repression of tlie natural instincts, slnll we find tlie explanation in all eases wherein the mind is afflicted Tliere is more to man tlnn mind and Ixxly. We slnll never find tlie clue to the riddle of life until we realise tint man is a spiritual being and tint mind and Ixxly are tlie ganrients of lis manifestation

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