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Fu Chen-Sung's top disciple was his eldest son, Fu Yung-Hui (Fu Wing-Fai in Cantonese). Born in 1907, Fu Yung-Hui began his training with martial arts basics at the age of 4. This training did not focus on martial arts forms, but simple exercises designed to strengthen the body and increase flexibility. Fu Chen-Sung did not start teaching his son martial arts fully until he turned 7. Fu was very strict with his son when in came to practicing martial arts. A mistake in practice was often corrected with a punch or kick, followed by a long consideration of the error. Sometimes the elder Fu would wake his son in the middle of the night to practice and would frequently make him practice on rough terrain to help improve his balance and body control.

Daily training sessions began at 3 am and lasted until 7 am each morning. There was also a daily evening session which lasted at least 2 hours. Fu felt that flexibility in the shoulder joints is an important component of martial arts training. In order to loosen the shoulders, Fu would have his son practice "bird movements" (raising and lowering the shoulders) 1000 times each day. Additionally, Fu Yung-Hui and his father would sometimes hang buckets of water from their arms when they were practicing Pa Kua Chang circle walking.*

When he executed his changes, there was a balance between hard and soft and the movements seemed effortless.

This rigorous training routine paid off for the younger Fu as his Pa Kua skill became very high-level. His stepping became very fast and his lower body movements were strong. When he executed his changes, there was a balance between hard and soft and the movements seemed effortless. Even when only putting one hand out in front of himself, an observer would notice the spirit, intent, and ch'i in his movements. Once he allowed ten of his classmates to attack him in a dimly lit room. Relying on his quick footwork, he was able to knock down all ten of them.

When Fu Chen-Sung traveled to teach martial arts, he would frequently take his son with him to assist. When the elder Fu went to meet other prominent martial artist to exchange ideas, Fu Yung-Hui also went along and was able to learn from a number of highly skilled martial artists in the process. Two of the instructors Fu Yung-Hui

While Fu Chen-Sung and his son were known for such feats as wielding very long, heavy swords and walking the circle with buckets of water dangling from their arms, Fu Yung-Hui's student Bow Sim Mark warns that these skills are not for beginners. Practicing these feats without first developing fundemental skills will only lead to the development of bad habits. 10

Bow Sim Mark And Her Son

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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