Some Taijiquan References

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'When the breath is concentrated in the Tan tien, it may bring the vital fluid everwhere. The vital fluid is the well known "biotin", which consists of air and other nutrients including dissolved food. According to Taoism, it may sublimated intoe Essence (Jing), Vitality (Qi) and Spirit (Shen), in sequence. That is to say, the physical "ingrediants" are transformed into psychical "beings" or energies. When one's body is full of it, one will not only be strong and alove but also attain longevity, even immortality.' Primodial Pugilism (Tai Chi Chuan) by Dr Tseng Ju-Pai, 1975, Paul H. Crompton Ltd (Dr Tseng was a disciple of YCF)

The same process is mentioned in 'The Principles Of Taijiquan' by Yue Tan (his father Yue Huan Zhi was famous for his Kong Jing in his Taijiquan), 1991, Shanghai Translation & Publishing Centre, Inc, ISBN 7-80514-779-5/G.222

Chen Wei Ming mentions the same process in his Taijiquan Da Wen (Questions & Answeres On Taijiquan) which unfortunately is not completely translated by Ben Lo, I have the original book which has this statement and will fax the relevant section to anybody who wishes to verify it (its in Chinese unfortunately).

Cheng Man Qing mentioned the process in his 13 Chapters (last part of treatise 2). English translation: Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Ch'uan, North Atlantic Books, 1985, ISBN 0-938190-45-8

Chen Xin refers extensively to TCM material that which has as its basis the 3 treasures in his book 'Chen Shi Taijiquan Tu Shuo'.

Chen Zhen Lei also refers to the same medical qi in a disseration on it in the book 'Taijiquan Ming Jia Tan Zhen Di', 1992, China Television Broadcasting Publishing, ISBN 7-5043-2032-3/G.757 I translate this portion: 'The Qi mentioned in Chen style Taijiquan...It does not refer to the oxygen we breath into the chest and the human body's different kinds of strength (li), but refers to the widely known in Chinese Medicine's Correct Qi (Zhen Qi), Original Qi (Yuan Qi), Meridian Qi (Jing Luo Zi Qi), Refined Qi (Zhen Qi), etc kinds of Qi; also includes martial arts and qigong study's Internal Jing (neijing), Internal Work (neigong), etc kinds of Qi. Hao Yue Ru (Wu Yu Xiang style) mentions it in his 'Wu style Taijiquan Important Points', his first point was 'hand, eye, body, step, Jing, Qi, Shen'. This reference is found in Hao Shao Ru's book 'Wu shi Taijiquan', 1992, Peoples Physical Education Press, ISBN 7-5009-0756-7/G.725

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