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In the last issue 35 of Qi Magazine, I had prescribed 4 prescriptions of Chinese Herbal Medicine for the treatment of Obesity, now I am going to introduce more

Dietetic Chinese Herbs for losing weight

A) Kuan Bun (Japanese Sen Tangle) 30g per day.

Contra indicated for those who suffer from insufficiency and coldness of the spleen and stomach.

Cut 500g of the waxgourd into thick slices and then make soup. It is advisable to use a bit of sesame oil and salt to flavour it. Waxgourd contains no fat and little sodium and is therefore ideal for reducing weight. Not only is it suitable to be eaten frequently by obese people, but it does a lot of good to those who suffer from Kidney diseases and diabetes.

C) He Ye Shan Zha Yin (Lotus leaf and hawthorn fruit drink).

Ingredients:- Lotus leaf 9g, Hawthorn fruit 9g. Decoct the lotus leaf and the hawthorn fruit in water for a while and take it as a drink. To treat simple obesity it is advisable to take such a drink frequently.

D) Sweet corn and radishes

These are good for lowering the cholesterol level, getting rid of fat and losing weight.

You can eat corn on the cob or cornflower. Radishes can be eaten raw or cooked.

E) Ninghong Health Protection Tea.

With it's long history, it has been known all over the world since 1930. "Ninghong Tea is the finest in China and the best in the world". In recent years Ninghong Tea has been awarded gold and silver prizes several times at national levels.

Ninghong Health Protection Tea was developed on the basis of Ninghong Tea with help from experts and Professors of the Shanghai Traditional Medicine

Diet Therapy Association. The new product, which has Ninghong Tea's functions of reducing human fat, diuresis, being a refreshing drink and preventing cancer, becomes more effective than Ninghong Tea with additives of Chrysanthemum Pollen and Liquorice Root. Therefore it has been considered as the first in a series of health protection teas in China.

Ninghong (diet) Tea has the functions to reduce human fat, diuresis, halitosis and relieve itching, it is effective for patients who are fat, have halitosis, itch,or are constipated,and is especially good for Cholocystitis. This tea will aid in long life. You are encouraged to drink it often.

Acupuncture is another method to treat obesity, it can help suppress the appetite and regulate the digestive system. Common points are:- Qu Chi (LI 11) He Gu (L.I. 4) Xue Hai (SP10) San Yin Jiao (SP6) Bai Hui (DU20).

If fat stomach add: Tain Shu (ST25) Shuidao (ST28) Ji Men (SP11).

If fat on the thigh add: Feng Shi (GB31) HuanTiao (GB30).

If fat in back add: Shen Shu.

In order to lose weight, apart from the above treatments, we have to try hard to have a good diet. Do not eat too many fatty foods such as Chocolate, Cheese, Milk, Lamb, Beef. In addition it is important to do more exercise to keep your body in good health.

For further information please contact:-

Dr Shulan Tang 50 Sandy Lane, Chorlton, ManchesterM21 8TN. Tel: 0161 881 8576.

or Owen Road, Skerton, Lancaster

LA1 2DX. Tel: 01524 69864.

Qi Magazine 37

Feng S hui

Twenty-Four Mountains

When studying Feng Shui, understanding theTwenty-Four Mountains is very important. Without knowing the Twenty-Four Mountains you cannot do Feng Shui, no matter what style of Feng Shui you study.

In the previous Ba Zi articles I have already described Tien Guan (Heavenly Stems) and Di Zi (Earthly Branches)

together with the Bagua. From these three we pick the more important parts, and these are the Twenty-Four Mountains.

Let us take the Tien Guan first:-

Tien Guan w z^Titöiiii

(Mandarin) Jia Yi Bing Ding Wu Ji Geng Xin Ren Gui (Cantonese) Gaap Yuht Bing Ding Mou Gei Gung San Yum Gaai

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