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Sifu Al Perhaqs is the creator of this system and also a visionary and creator of the mind force quantum of The Qigong system. This author has been an inventor and creator of new aspects that are highly regarded training techniques. These techniques have been used for decades by clients all over the world.The product can, therefore, be considered and trusted, as there have been clients who have used it over decades and gave out their testimonies. What is the product about? The chi power plus program is managed and regulated by the Secret society of mind force and Quantum Qigong. The society's main goal is to learn first and apply esoteric training techniques for proven results. The program entails various internal chi techniques. These techniques include; How to move small objects with your mind, How to use your energy to attract or repel objects. This product is presented to you in form of e-books, a complete package acquired at the press of your download. It comes with an over six hours of downloadable audio and video training of the chi power system. It is an immediate digital download in electronic format. It is intended for both men and women of all ages. You do not require any type of skills to acquire the knowledge contained in this program. Men and women of all ages can be able to use this programs. Even children of not more than fourteen years are able to do many of the techniques listed and many more! There are no prior qualifications for this program. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

The Origins of Qigong

The qigong that we refer to today was not, in fact, originally called qigong. It originated from the solitary cultivation ways of the ancient Chinese people and from cultivation in religions. The two-character term, qi gong, is nowhere to be found in the texts Scripture of Dan Cultivation, the Daoist Canon,110 or the Tripitakan During the course of our present human civilization's development, qigong passed through the period when religions were in their embryonic forms. It had already existed before religions came into being. After religions formed, it acquired some degree of religious overtones. Qigong's original names were The Great Cultivation Way of Buddha, and 5 qigong (chee-gong) a general name for certain practices that cultivate the human body. In recent decades, qigong exercises have been incredibly popular in China. 6 Falun Gong (fah-lun gong) Law Wheel Qigong. The names Falun Gong and Falun Dafa are both used to refer to this practice. The Great Cultivation Way of Dao. It...

Qigong Treatments and Hospital Treatments

Theoretically speaking, qigong treatments are completely different from the treatments given at hospitals. Western treatments utilize methods of everyday people's society. Despite having means such as laboratory tests and X-ray examinations, they can only observe the sources of illness in this dimension and they cannot see fundamental causes that exist in other dimensions. So they fail to understand the cause of illness. Medication can remove or drive away the origin of a patient's illness (which is considered a pathogen by Western doctors, and karma in qigong) if he or she isn't seriously ill. Medicine will be ineffective in the event that the illness is serious, as the patient might be unable to bear increased dosages. Not all illnesses are constrained by the laws of this world. Some illnesses are quite serious and exceed the confines of this world, rendering hospitals incapable of curing them. acupuncture able to detect the human body's meridians so clearly Why aren't the...

Feelings during Qigong practice

Normally when you practisc Qigong you will experience sensations of warmth, tingling, itchiness and electricity. Whatever you feel, just let it happen -the feelings will find their own way to balance you. Sometimes, however, you may feel sleepy this means that you are tired and should rest. Alternatively you might feel cold or even in pain. This means that you have a problem in the area where you are experiencing pain because the Qi is not flowing well there, and you need to practise more.

Chi Kung and Kundalini The Real Secret of The Masters

Worthwhile martial arts have a basis in meditation and chi kung. Usually the secrets cf chi are not passed down until the student has spent long years proving his or her worthiness of the gift. There are many techniques for transmission and generation of chi but all require a master-student relationship unless you are inclined to intense self-study. Self-study is the source of unique gifts and often requires conquering your greatest fears. According to Sun Tzu, self-adventure also results in the greatest powers. Only time will tell, but there are probably more accomplished people doing esoteric studies on their own right now than at any time in human history. Mantak Chia's many books on Taoist esoteric practice provide excellent information on this little-understoodarea in the higher-level martial arts that is the equivalent of the kundalini in yoga. I mention these two as well known examples of contemporary people who have experienced the inner awakening without benefit of martial...

Standing Like A Tree In Chinese Zhan Zhuang Is A Unique Chi Kung

Zhang Zhuang Tantien Hands

With our energy are known as Chi Kung, which literally means internal energy exercise. The most powerful form of Chi Kung begins with Because Chi Kung exercises are so effective in raising our energy levels, they are often used as basic training for martial arts. The practice of Zhan Zhuang is the foundation ofone of the most potent martial arts known to the Chinese as Da Cheng Chuan, which means The Great Accomplishment. At the end ofevery Chi Kung session, it is important to seal into your body the energy you have generated. This applies to the foundation postures and all the positions and movements in the rest of this book.

Qigong and Physical Culture

At an ordinary level, qigong is easily considered by people to be directly related to physical exercise. Of course, from the elementary level, qigong and physical exercise share a common goal in the aspect of keeping fit. However, its specific practising methods and means adopted differ greatly from physical exercise. In order to enable one to keep fit through physical exercise, the amount of exercise needs to be increased, and physical training needs to be intensified. However, qigong practice should be just the opposite as it does not require people to move. Although there are movements, they should be unhurried, slow, and round, or even be motionless and still. This differs greatly from physical exercise. To speak from the high dimension, qigong is not simply limited to healing disease and to keeping fit, but it also encompasses something of the high dimension and deeper meaning. Qigong is not just the little bit at the ordinary people's level. It is supernormal, and has different...

Ba Gua Zhang Qi Gong Methods Part II

In Part I of this article we discussed the history of Ba Gua Qi Gong, some of the goals of qi gong practice, the qi gong training process and the involvement of the mind in qi gong. In this second installment we will begin by discussing the role of body motion in qi gong practice, the importance of breathing exercise, and we will give a couple of examples of some typical Ba Gua Qi Gong exercise movements. Body Motion in Qi Gong Practice Although there are many qi gong exercises which are practiced while the practitioner is sitting or standing, the distribution of qi throughout the body is achieved in the most efficient, most effective, and most complete manner when the body is in motion. Relaxed, natural, efficient motion of the physical body inherently promotes the movement of energy in the body. This is a natural principle of all life - life is movement. If the movements, or series of movements, in an exercise set are performed such that there is a relative central equilibrium, the...

The History of Ba Gua Qi Gong

It would be difficult to say for sure whether or not Dong Hai Chuan (Jc l) taught qi gong methods to his students which were separate from the circle walking practices of Ba Gua Zhang. There is evidence which points to Dong's involvement with the Quan Zhen I) sect of Daoism and thus we might conclude that he was taught the various qi gong methods practiced by this sect (which included circle walking - see Pa Kua Chang Journal, Vol 4, No. 6, page 3). However, the only real identifiable trail that I have been able to uncover which traces qi gong practiced by modern practitioners directly back to these particular Daoist roots was a mention of Long Men Qi Gong (il H by Zhang Jun Feng ( Long Men School of Daoism. During an interview with Zhang Jun Feng's wife in Taiwan, she told me that her husband called his sitting qi gong practice Long Men Qi Gong. Zhang had learned this method of qi gong from one of Yin Fu's (f iir) students (see Pa Kua Chang Journal, Vol 3, No. 4, page 3). There are...

The Mind in Qi Gong Practice

Attainment of consistent mind body harmony is one of the major goals of martial arts qi gong. The internal martial arts classics say that the mind (ife -Yi or intention) leads the qi and the qi leads the strength ( 3 - li). This principle tells us that without the correct mental intention, the qi and strength will not be fully available. When discussing this principle with his students, Ba Gua instructor Park Bok Nam gives a few simple examples to illustrate this point. Park says that if someone was engaged in an intense conversation with another person and unbeknownst to him a third person came up and put a five pound weight in his hand, he would probably drop the weight because his mind was not sending energy to his hand. Because his mental focus was on the person he was engaging in conversation, there was no intention in his hand, thus there was no qi and no strength. However, if that same person where to see another person ready to place five pounds in his hand, that five pounds...

Brief Introduction to the Body Strengthening Function of Eight Diagram Palm Qigong

Eight Silken Movements Qigong Seniors

In his later years, Li Zi Ming wrote a number of books and magazine articles in order to help promote Ba Gua Zhang for health maintenance and self-defense. In the following article, Li talks about the health benefits of walking the circle. It is interesting to note that in this article Li calls the circle walking practice Ba Gua Zhang Qi Gong. As Vince Black mentioned in the last article, Li thought that the practice of the Ba Gua system itself was sufficient to develop the skills that supplemental qi gong practice might develop. Many of the older generation Ba Gua practitioners in China felt the same way as Li felt, that the qi gong and nei gong of Ba Gua was all contained in the circle walk practice. For the development of the Ba Gua Zhang, I offer serious instruction and enthusiastic guidance to students and practitioners at home and abroad. For the purpose of combining the practice method of qi gong with medical life-preservation therapy and to promote the coordination of the...

Wushu Qigong Martial Arts

In addition to interior cultivation ways, there is Wushu qigong. While talking about Wushu qigong, I should also emphasize the issue that nowadays there are many ways of talking about qigong in the world of cultivation. There have appeared the so-called Fine Arts qigong, Music qigong, Calligraghy qigong, Dancing qigong. There are all sorts of them. Are they all qigong I have found it very odd. I would say that this is disrupting qigong. It is not only disrupting qigong, but also simply ruining qigong. What are their theoretical bases Would it be qigong to practise painting, singing, dancing and writing by entering the state of a trance, the so-called qigong status It should not be understood this way. I would say, isn't it abusing qigong Qigong has both extensive and profound knowledge of the cultivation of the human body. Oh, how could possibly a trance be qigong What would it be called then for us to go to the bathroom in a trance Isn't it abusing qigong I would say that it is...

The Hidden Healing Qigong Methods From the Baguazhang Postures

Each of the major postures from Bagua have a hidden meaning, either for the healing benefits or for gaining of power for the fa-jing and fighting system. And the hidden meanings are hidden in the very names of each posture. This information was only ever given out to very advanced students after they became proficient in the fighting side of the art as when once was proficient in self defense, one could then understand about the healing and Qigong side. By knowing the names of each posture, we are able to find the hidden way to perform each posture as well as to find the hidden healing meaning or Qigong to gain power etc. For instance, the posture called 'Leaning On the Horse & Ask The Way' works upon the energy system of the body which is stored in the backbone. When we 'Lean On The Horse', we lean on his backbone, and as the backbone is so easily seen in a horse, this gives us a hidden meaning of this posture. The way to real power in Baguazhang is to access the combined power of...

Things to Look Out For While Performing Qigong

While standing in a Qigong posture, you will experience a natural and mild shaking that begins in your legs and works up through your body. This is natural and should happen. I stress the word 'mild'. Many make the big mistake in placing some weight onto the ball of the foot (K 1). This is incorrect as it causes something called 'adverse cyclic Qi'. This is when the body is unable to have a continuous flow of ground Qi up through K 1 because of the tension placed onto K 1. The Qi MUST flow up through the ground, so it builds up to such a degree that it bursts through the tension causing a violent shaking of the body in the form of a kind of waving movement. The body gyrates from side to side and up and down. This can cause brain damage as too much Qi is being taken into the head area which will cause something akin to heat stroke. The The correct position of the weight during Qigong is right in the centre of the foot near where the foot joins the leg at the front. So if you were to...

Buddha School Qigong and Buddhism

Many people think of a matter as soon as we mention Buddha School qigong Since the goal of the Buddha School is to cultivate Buddhahood, they start to relate it to the things of Buddhism. I hereby solemnly clarify that Falun Gong is qigong of the Buddha School. It is a righteous, great cultivation way and has nothing to do with Buddhism. Buddha School qigong is Buddha School qigong, while Buddhism is Buddhism. They take different paths, even though they have the same goal in cultivation. They are different schools of practice with different requirements. I mentioned the word Buddha, and I will mention it again later when I teach the practice at higher levels. The word itself doesn't have any superstitious overtones. Some people can't tolerate hearing the word Buddha, and claim that we propagate superstition. It is not so. Buddha began as a Sanskrit term that originated in India. It was translated into Chinese according to its pronunciation and called Fo Tuo.26 People omitted the word...

Advanced Moving Qigong Holding the Eight Energies

As with other forms of martial qigong, these walking methods teach subtle martial skills, and I will add that the changes done when changing direction and or method contain the essence of these martial energies and directions. However, they are equally designed to strengthen and heal the practitioner. (N.B. Erle does not teach this particular set I learned it elsewhere in recent years.) Downward Sinking Palms Tiger Both hands push downwards, just below the navel, with the mental image of holding the Qi in the lower tan-tien. The basic martial skill is deflecting a straight kick downwards. Heaven and Earth Palms Lion One hand is extended into the circle, palm up the other arcs above the head, palm up. This posture takes the energy that has been brought to the middle tan-tien and allows it to flow up to the upper tan-tien located behind the Third Eye Point (Yintang). The practitioner imagines that the Qi is flowing through the arms in a circular loop, as well as rising through the...

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

People have frequently tried to guess my age and got it wrong. Many of them think that I am five, seven, even ten years younger than I am. This makes me feel very pleased (who doesn't want others to think they are younger than they actually are ). It's all a result of my daily Qigong practice. First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm. After many years practising Qigong my size is the same as it was when I was a young adult -not too fat and not too thin. Within Qigong practice there are many movements that exercise the joints and the waist. They help the circulation through the body and any excess fat is released. So do not worry -you won't become too...

Qigong Is a Prehistoric Culture

What is qigong, anyway Many qigong masters are trying to explain what it is, but what I say is rather different from what they say. Many qigong masters explain this at a certain level of theirs, while I state my point of view about qigong at a much higher level. It is entirely different from theirs. Some qigong masters say that qigong has a history of 2000 years in our country and some say 3000 years others say 5000 years, as old as the history of the Chinese civilization and still others say that it should be 7000 years old, as is shown by archaeological findings, far beyond the history of the Chinese civilization. Whatever the viewpoints may be, the history of qigong is almost the same as that of the human civilization. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, human beings evolved first from water plants to aquatic animals then climbed up to land and further up to the trees again came back down to land and became apes on land and finally developed into modern human beings with...

Qi Transference Qigong

Several Qigong methods are particularly good in developing Qi issuing and transference. The best of these is one that I give to my students when they are ready for this phase in their training. It is simply called Qi giving Qigong . This is one of those Qigong methods that are of the 'martial' variety. Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other with feet almost parallel but not quite. (Photo No.87). This is a one legged Qigong, and although you will still have both feet on the ground, there is absolutely no weight placed upon the front foot, it is only there for balance. The arms are held so that they are relatively so, in the same positions as the feet. You should have a 'kua' or bridge under your arms they are rounded with the wrists just hanging there, no tension. You must perform this until you feel the 'three signs'. There are three signs that we must look for when performing the one legged Qigongs. Firstly you will feel like as if there is a red hot needle sticking into...

The Goals of Qi Gong Practice

As stated previously, the specific goals of qi gong practice will vary from one discipline to the next, however, in general, the martial arts practitioner will first want to promote overall health and well-being by seeking a balanced distribution of energy in the body and improving the body's efficiency in terms of energy movement and usage.4 This will include methods aimed at integrating and harmonizing the mind, body, and breath utilizing a safe, gentle, and well-balanced approach. Balance, efficiency, and naturalness are the key elements to building a body which is strong internally. If the body's internal systems are not balanced in terms of energy production, distribution, and consumption, then the body is not working optimally and any attempt at utilizing internal energy in a martial arts or healing practice will only cause further imbalance and can eventually damage the internal systems. Only when the body is working in a balanced, efficient, natural manner should the qi gong...

Chi Kung Position Five

Tai Chi Self Defense

The sixth anil final position simply requires that you turn your hands over and relax the fingers. With both hands now in a typical yin shape, think of energy coming in through the fingertips, or of the fingers themselves growing in length. Use this stance to visualize the energyJlow in movements such as the in-hreath stage of Pal the Horse (see page 66). the Opening (see page 23) or the early stages of the Single Whip (see page 30). Throughout these exercises, your mind should be focused on the cycle of the breath and on the cyclical movements of energy around the body - rising up the spine, along the arms, or over the head and down the front of the body back to the Tcin Tien. And try to disregard any feelings of impatience or discomfort. Those who specialize in chi kung often hold these positions for ten or fifteen minutes at a time, though as an adjunct to tai chi practice, just a few minutes is quite sufficient. Remember, too, that you do not need to...

An Introduction to General Qigong Theory

The following is a simplistic overview of a fascinating, complex and disputed subject. While you don't have to be an expert in qigong or Chinese medical theory to benefit from your bagua training, it can certainly help if you understand some of the key concepts. When you are in good health, your Qi is strong and abundant and flows smoothly to all parts of the body, including skin surface. If your Qi is blocked, or deficient in certain parts of the body, disease can more easily occur. Our basic, Innate or Original, Qi is inherited from our parents, and its quality is fixed and dependent on their heredity, health, and age at your conception. It is impossible to change the quantity or quality of this Qi through qigong. However, you can positively affect the quality of the Acquired Qi that you create within yourself to, at Conversely, healthy living habits (clean environment nourishing food and drink good thoughts avoiding or minimising excessive behaviour maintaining supportive...

Ba Gua Zhang Qi Gong Methods Part I

Because almost every traditional medical, martial, religious, physical, and, in many cases, scholarly disciplines in China have a tradition of qi gong (JK ft) practice, it is very difficult to strictly define the hows and whys of qi gong without putting it in the context of the discipline in which it is practiced. Each discipline, and each of the various schools within those disciplines, practice qi gong with different goals in mind and thus each has a different criteria and method for practice. There are literally hundreds of qi gong methods in China, each traditional method having its own fairly unique systematic approach to practice. Additionally, terms such as nei gong (fa ) and nei dan (fa are also used frequently to describe exercises and methods which some might also call qi gong and vice-versa. Thus qi gong methods can really only be defined within the discipline they are to be practiced and in the context of each individual's personal practice. While most martial arts schools...

Popular Martial Styles of Chi Kung Training

There are two categories of Chi Kung training, martial arts and pure Chi Kung for health, longevity, and spiritual attainment. Within each category there are many styles. The most popular of the pure Chi Kung methods are the Yi Gin Ching attributed to Da Mo and Ba Dun Gin or Eight Pieces of Brocade. These are discussed in Chapter 2. The most popular martial arts used for Chi Kung are Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Liu Ho Ba Fa, and Ba Kua. Here we will give only a brief review of the history and theory the student should refer to a book or instructor of each style for deeper study.

Chi Powers for Martial Artists

Like a psi power, a chi power consists of a set of advantages that must be bought with a power modifier (see Power Modifier, p. B254). Adept users may purchase levels of a Talent that aids die rolls to use those abilities, comparable to a psionic Talent (see Psionic Talents, p. B255). Below are two examples.

Standing and Moving Qigong

Practising Qigong (literally translated as energy or work done with skill ) is about loosening, relaxing and strengthening the body, restoring efficient body mechanics, and having a balance of Yin and Yang energies throughout the the body, and its energy system. Accomplishing this will also calm, strengthen, and unify your mind and spirit, and maintain an optimal amount of internal energy, as well as circulate it throughout the body for a variety of purposes. Practised with competence and over the long-term, any valid system of qigong, whether done as part of an internal martial system or solely as a health practice, is said to be good for the Qi. I once had an e-mail message from someone who wanted to know if it was Qi he was feeling when he experienced a magnetic repulsion and attraction in his hands doing qigong. I answered that this, along with trembling, feelings of warmth, tingling of the skin, and other sensory phenomena was a common manifestation of such training, but it was...

Hospital Treatment and Qigong Healing

Let us talk about the relationship between hospital treatment and qigong healing. Most doctors of Western medicine do not recognize qigong. Their view is, why would we need hospitals if qigong can heal illnesses You can substitute for our hospitals Would it not be nice if your qigong could replace hospitals and treat patients single-handedly without resorting to injections, medicine, hospitalization Such an opinion is neither reasonable nor rational. Some people do not know about qigong. In truth, qigong healing is not like the conventional treatments of ordinary people. It is not an ordinary person's skill, but something supernormal. How could it be allowed to disturb ordinary human society on a great scale with something supernormal How powerful a Buddha is, and he If it is you who cure his illnesses, which is equal to violating this principle, it means everyone can do wrong without paying back the debts. Is that all right Out of mercy and compassion, while you do not have such a...

The Qi Gong Training Process

If we trace the lineage of most of the qi gong methods which are practiced today, we will probably find that they were initially practiced and taught in the monastic environment of the Buddhist and Daoist temples in China. In order to better understand the optimum conditions and methods for qi gong practice it would behoove us to look at how qi gong might have been practiced at its place of origin. We all know from watching movies and reading books about monastic life that the first lesson any young monk is taught is patience. Patience in practice is essential. Never be in too much of a hurry. High quality, long lasting results will not come overnight. If results are forced to occur before their time, before the body is ready, there will inevitably be problems. We can imagine that the novice Buddhist or Daoist monk would be taught a very complete system of qi gong training in a well designed program which systematically developed the body, mind, and spirit of the individual and that...

Qigong Is Cultivation

Now that qigong has such a remote history, then what on earth is it used for Let me tell you. Ours is a great cultivation Law of the Buddha School, naturally cultivating the Buddha, while Tao School naturally cultivates the Tao (the Way) and finds the Tao. I'd like to tell you, this Fo (Buddha) is not superstition. This Fo (ft) is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. There were actually two words which were introduced to China at that time, called Fo Tuo . And there was also a translation as Fu Tu . Having translated this way or that, we Chinese left out one word and called it Fo . What does it mean when it is translated into Chinese then It means the enlightened the enlightened person through cultivation. Where on earth is there any superstitious colouring here who has found the Tao Isn't he a great enlightened one Can he be regarded as the same as an ordinary person Isn't he a person who has become enlightened through cultivation Isn't it right to call him the enlightened one It is...

Hi kung

Chi Kung is both a martial art of self-defense and a fundamental tool of Chinese Medicine. As a martial discipline it stresses use of the whole body and a powerful Ki to overcome attacks and heal the self. As tool of healing, the practitioner learns the anatomy and how to focus his Ki to aid in healing. Acupuncturists have both learned Chi Kung (as a means of better knowing what nerve centers to penetrate to promote healing and the development of their Ki) and prescribed Chi Kung (since the stimulation of internal organs can trigger the body's natural healing process and the overall health value of the art is tremendous) for centuries. Prerequisite Defensive Martial Arts Style Maneuvers

Chi Kung

Benefits of stimulating the flow of chi are well known in Eastern cultures. Now, for the first time in print in the Western world, Master Lam Kam Chuen presents this advanced method for improving focus, breathing, and creativity. The practice of chi kung is founded on the five energies system of Chinese philosophy. Through Master Chuen's careful direction, you will master key positions and movements that will boost your energy, decrease stress, stave off illness, and enhance your overall fitness. Chi Kung is both an expertly crafted instructional guide and a potentially life-enriching experience. Follow the master's teaching and insights to perform each purposeful technique. Feel your muscles grow firmer while your mind becomes more aware, yet at ease. In opening this book, you open yourself to the tremendous power of chi. Master Lam Kam Chuen has trained under many of the great masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. A master of tai chi, chi kung, and feng shui, he is considered a...


There is a certain way to perform the four different palms during three-circle Qigong. The palms are the normal palms facing toward you (mother) yin, away from you, (father or yang), the daughter palm, facing downwards or 'little yin' and the son palm, facing towards each other with the thumbs pointing upwards or 'little yang'.

Qigong Iron Throat

Iron Throat Qigong

Everyone who studies martial arts wants to be strong and powerful, either externally or internally. When I was twenty-three I had done some Wing Chun and some simple Qigong, and I had just started Chen Style Taijiquan. Then, I was hungry for all different kinds of Chinese skill, even things like Yijing, Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscopes, palm and face reading and of course, Qigong. I never came across any Hard Qigong, but reading about it always excited me. I thought I would never have the opportunity to study it, because it was always kept secret. Some martial arts called it Nei Gong, which means 'internal training'. This meant that without studying with your teacher for a long time he would not teach you. This I did not mind so long as I could study. Fortunately, the Qigong 'heat' from China had started and there were some Qigong magazines where you could get some information. From these I started to understand more. I always looked in the newspaper advertisements, because that is what...

Chi Kung Health

Chi Kung was originally researched and developed by the Chinese to promote good health. For more than 4000 years they have investigated human Chi circulation, its relationship with the seasons, weather, and time of day. They have found that Chi is closely related to the altitude, location, food, emotional state, and even the sounds a person makes. They have done much research into methods of keeping the Chi circulation naturally healthy. These methods can roughly be divided into the categories of maintenance and healing. The first category specifies methods which can be used to maintain a person's health, and minimize the degeneration of the organs in order to increase the lifespan. The second specifies techniques which can be used to cure illnesses. For maintenance Chi Kung the Chi is built up either by Wai Dan or Nci Dan, and then guided by the mind to circulate through the entire body. According to acupuncture theory, smooth Chi circulation is the key to health. When Chi is...

Wild Goose Qigong

Wild Goose Gong Bung

Today many people have heard about Wild Goose Qigong. It was not so less than three decades ago when it was still practised in secret by those who had been passed the skill secretly, from generation to generation. Master Yang Meijun is the twenty-seventh generation inheritor of Wild Goose Qigong and learned the skill from her grandfather who learned it from a Daoist who told him that he could not pass on the skill until he reached the age of seventy. When Master Yang was thirteen years old, her grandfather taught her in the quiet hours between 3 and 5 am. He taught her Wild Goose Qigong and other forms which were part of the Kunlun system. Wild Goose Qigong is a profound form that in addition to its obvious beauty has many health benefits for the practitioner. Its movements connect with several of the body's acupuncuture points and helps to open the channels. This book illustrates both the first and second sixty four movements of the form and discusses the benefits of the It is not...

Life Force Qi Flow

This is a flow of sort that never changes. It is situated in the tantien area and can be larger or smaller at given times. It is like a ball around which Qi flows in all different directions. From this, lines of Qi are sent out automatically to all parts of the body especially when the body needs some extra help. As we grow older and we dip into this pot of Qi, it becomes depleted and we die. There are many practises that advocate the replenishing of this Qi, but one would have to be a saint in order to do this. It is my belief that this is a natural occurrence and the cause of our dying of old age. We can prolong life to a certain degree by practising things like Taijiquan, yoga, meditation etc., but to prolong life indefinitely I believe is impossible. However, I m open to suggestion on this.

Advanced Qigong

There are many other Qigong methods that will only be given when the student has attained a high level of basic Qigong. The basic Qigong should be practised for at least three years before going on to the advanced Qigong, and only when the teacher is satisfied that the student is up to the more advanced methods. The reason for this is that these methods are not only physically more demanding but also can do you any damage if done incorrectly, whereas the basic Qigong cannot harm you in any way, unless it is done very incorrectly. The advanced Qigongs usually involve the one legged stances so it is important to have an instructor who knows what to look for in order to not cause any harm.

Beiquan ijiquan

MY I didn't learn taiji from him, but he taught me Tongbei Qigong. A lot of martial arts have their own Qigong exercises. This is because a lot of styles are physically very tough and so they need something to relax them and balance themselves. Also in old times people fought a lot, maybe in competitions or outside. So Qigong helped them to release the pain and also build themselves up to withstand the blows. Now people can see the benefits of Qigong for the health and so it has developed for health QM Is the Qigong you learnt mostly moving or standing postures Did you learn special breathing methods, or was it more natural MY It had both moving and standing, and also breathing exercises and the natural way. Outside of China a lot of people think Qigong is something different, separate from martial arts. Actually it isn't. It was created by the oldest martial artists, from their experiences. For Medical Qigong you have to have a lot of knowledge on the medical side, but the Chinese...


One old lady is the Honorary Director of the Chinese Qigong Scientific Research Association, Consultant to the Beijing Qigong Research Association, Consultant to the Hudang - Boxing Research Association. Also she is President of the China Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong Association (Dayan Qigong comes from her family). In 1986 she was on the cover of China's top Qigong magazine, 'Qigong & Science', She is Master Yang Meijun. At her home in Beijing many people come to visit, asking her for Qigong treatment or to study Qigong even though she has reached an age where most would have already retired. She still receives many invitations to travel to Wuhan, Wu Toy Shan, Guanzhou, Hong Kong and many other places in China. All because her level is so high and her knowledge of Qigong so deep and so profound, especially her family's skill Daoist Kunlun Dayan Qigong. She can transmit her Qi to make you warm, make your body shake and even make you cold. She can see the colour of your Qi (aura) and she...

Chinese Dragons

When I began to study Qigong, I knew very little about its origins. I knew, however, that as I continued to practise I began to feel more relaxed and have more energy to cope with things. After some months of practise, I began to feel other changes. My heart was beginning to become more generous and my mind more balanced. I felt myself going back to my original nature, caring more for others and less for myself. My taste for the business world in which I was working long and stressful hours continued to diminish and I began to look for other means of employment where my primary concern was not a high salary but helping others. By now I had also learned more about the Qigong I was studying and So I began to read more about Daoism and there I found the spiritual home that I had been seeking. There was no God, no Satan, no hell or heaven. Only myself and responsibility for my own actions. I learned that in Daoism one's actions will dictate one's future, whether it be in this lifetime or...

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How do you find a good teacher A lot of this is to do with fate. When you open a magazine all the advertisements say how good this teacher is, or how that one is a grandmaster who can open up the secrets of a skill to you. Often they will tell you how many days or weeks it will take for you to become a Qigong master, how they will open your Sky-eye (Third-eye), and how they will teach you to transmit Qi to heal people. They all look like adverts on TV, and some even say, Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied These advertisements do not promote any teachers. They only promote commercialism. condition of their health. Whether you want to study Qigong, or the martial art of taijiquan, a good teacher will behave well and look very healthy. They should be able to answer your questions so you can understand. If they can do this, then their knowledge is clear, and so their skill should also be good. If this is the case you can probably study with them. Recently, a student...

Power Circles

The diagrams on the facing page show the workings of energy in a single sliver of the body. You can imagine the effect of your Chi power multiplied millions of times throughout your entire body. As each circle of energy expands outwards, it immediately comes into contact with the other radiating spheres around it. The effect is like the vast chain reaction in nuclear fission.


In our country, China , qigong5 has a long history, as it dates back to ancient times. Our people thus have a natural advantage in practicing qigong. The two upright schools of qigong cultivation practice, the Buddha School and the Dao School, have already made public many great cultivation methods previously taught in private. The Dao School's ways of cultivation are quite unique, while the Buddha School has its own cultivation methods. Falun Gong6 is an advanced cultivation method of the Buddha School. In this lecture series, I will first adjust your body to a state suitable for advanced cultivation and then install a Falun7 and energy mechanisms (qji) in your body. I will also teach you our exercises. In addition to all of these things, I have Law Bodies fashen) who will protect you. But your having only these things is inadequate, as they can't achieve the goal of developing gong8 it's necessary that you also understand the principles for cultivation at high levels. That is what...

The Law Varies from Dimension to Dimension

In the past many qigong masters stated that qigong was divided into what was elementary, intermediate and advanced. They all belong to qi, something staying in the phase of exercising qi, which was also divided into the elementary, intermediate and advanced. As for what is really advanced, the broad masses of qigong practitioners are quite ignorant of it, and do not know it at all. What I am going to lecture about from now on is all about the Law in the high dimension. Besides, I would like to rehabilitate the reputation of cultivation. In my lectures, I am going to speak of the unhealthy phenomena in the world of cultivation, and how to look at and deal with them. I also intend to make clear such things as those quite big and even very serious issues involved in lecturing on the Law and teaching the practice exercise of the high order. I also want to disclose the interference in our ordinary human society from other spaces, especially the interference in the world of cultivation. At...

Alleviating depression

Before we start, perhaps I should explain that the terms I use in the chapter title have nothing whatsoever to do with having babies -they refer to different kinds of energy If you were to ask a friend or work colleague, 'How do you get the energy that you need to live ', assuming of course that he was an 'ordinary' person who knew nothing about health exercises and Qigong, he would answer, 'From eating and drinking.' When you want to go to sleep you need to prepare your mind and body. Take some fresh air, or just close your eyes for a while. The best preparation is a combination of Qigong and meditation. This will allow you to have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed, because your body and mind will be balanced and this will reveal your body's true condition. When you practise Qigong regularly, it may well enable you to tell whether you are tired and need to sleep or if you are still in strong spirit. At sixteen the Qi of the kidneys becomes strong and so puberty starts,...

Why Doesnt Your Cultivation Energy Increase When You Do Cultivation

Why doesn't your cultivation energy increase when you do cultivation Quite a lot of people think this way I have not received any genuine teachings for my cultivation. If a certain teacher teaches me some unique skills, and some super hand skills, my cultivation energy will go up. Now 95 of the people share the same opinion. I find this rather funny. Why Because qigong is not mastery of a skill used in ordinary people, but it is something entirely supernormal, therefore it must be measured by the Law at the high level. I'd like to tell you all the basic reason why your cultivation energy can not go up. Of the two words cultivation, practice , people only pay attention to practice rather than cultivation . If you go searching outside yourself, you will never achieve anything. How can you imagine transforming high energy substances into cultivation energy with an ordinary human body, ordinary human hands and an ordinary mind How can your cultivation energy go up this way This is by no...

Issue of the Celestial

Many qigong masters have mentioned something about the Celestial Eye. However, the Law differs in manifestations from dimension to dimension. A cultivator of a particular attainment level can only see the scenes on that level. He cannot see or believe the truth beyond that level. Therefore, he only believes what he has seen on his own level. When he has not gone up to such a high level of cultivation, he would think those things do not exist and are incredible. This is determined by his attainment level, and therefore his mentality will not be able to ascend. That is to say, about the issue of the Celestial Eye, some people talk this way, others that way. As a result, they have talked it into a mess, and nobody has given it a clear explanation. As a matter of fact, this Celestial Eye cannot be explained clearly on the low level. As a top secret in the past, the structure of the Celestial Eye has never been revealed to ordinary people, and nobody has ever mentioned it. Here, we are not...

Opening the Heavenly Pillar

The Hara is the Golden Stove of Ninja alchemy, whereby the base elements of the personality, the lead, are boiled away in the fire of the belly which is kindled by drawing the breath and its life giving Force deep into the lungs, filling them with Qi. The steam created by this process rises up the spine to the mysterious chamber of the skull. To accomplish this, the gates of the Heavenly Pillar must be opened. First by this chiropractic turning exercise, then by the Kuji Kiri keys. Open the hands and place them on the thighs.

Cross Training for the Relative Beginner

If you continue to enjoy and practise the other arts as you learned them, it is unlikely that you will have the time or aptitude to do bagua the way it should be done as a martial art. Having said that, the average hard stylist may derive considerable health benefits from practising bagua qigong alone, even if they continue to practise their old martial disciplines.

Falun Gong

Falun Gong originates from Falun Xiulian Dafa39 in the Buddha School. It is one of the Buddha School's special qigong methods, yet it has its own distinctive qualities that set it apart from the average ways of cultivation in the Buddha School. This cultivation system is a special, intense cultivation method that used to require that cultivators have extremely high xinxing and great inborn quality. In order for more practitioners to improve while also meeting the needs of a massive number of dedicated cultivators, I have redesigned and made public this set of cultivation methods that are now suitable for popularization. Despite the modifications, this practice still far exceeds other practices, their teachings, and levels.

Warnings and health restrictions

Qigong deals with the internal body and mind which is full of Qi and which must follow 'the natural way'. Any artificial ways are not good for your Qi, so during practice you must -make sure you relax the body and calm the mind. Alcohol, smoking and medicines will affect you -you may feel sick, dizzy, tired or weak. You should try and avoid practising if you are feeling any extremes of emotion, for instance if you feel very sad, angry or worried. Try also to practise away from any source of pollution -traffic or other fumes, radiation (turm off the television and radio), and excess noise as this will harm and shock your body, damaging the rhythm and flow of Qi. If you find yourself being distracted during practice, it is best to stop doing The exercise, complete with Shou Gong and find another time or place to continue. There are no physical health problems for which it is inadvisable practise Qigong, so long as you relax while you do your practice and do things at your own natural...

Be Constant in a Single Cultivation System

The practice of the exercise we teach here, which, in fact, refers to the whole process of the evolution of cultivation energy, goes the way one's cultivation school has arranged for his cultivation all the time. Where would you say you should go If you straddle two boats, you will get nothing. Just as the practice of qigong and the cultivation of Buddhahood in the temple cannot be mixed up, neither can different cultivation ways, neither can different qigong forms, and neither can different religions. Even the different schools in the same religion cannot be mixed up in cultivation, but only one of them can be chosen for cultivation. When you cultivate the Pure Land School, you practise nothing else but the Pure Land School. When you cultivate the Esoteric School, you practise nothing else but the Esoteric Sect. When you cultivate Zen Buddhism, you practise nothing else but Zen Buddhism. If you straddle two boats and cultivate this one, and that one, you will get nothing. That is to...

Taking part in other sports pros and cons

People who are starting to practise Qigong o.ften ask if it is all right to participate in other sports such as swimming, football, tennis, weight training and so on. There is no reason why you should not continue to enjoy these activities, but you will of course be using up the Qi that you have stored. This is because fitness training in the West is based on the principle of 'No pain, no gain'. People push their bodies until they are hot, sweaty and exhausted, after which they need to eat and sleep in order to recharge their energy. Qigong, as you will by now have realised, is internal training, connccted with the Qi, the blood and the internal organs. When you practise Qigong you will not exhaust yourself, and - quite the opposite of what you experience in sports - the more you practise the more Qi you will have and the more energetic you will become. Of course, if you practise Qigong you will have more energy than you previously had to expend on the tennis court or football pitch....

Supernormal Capabilities and Energy Potency JBtJ

Many people are not clear about qigong terms, and some people are always confusing them. They take supernormal capabilities for energy potency, and energy potency for supernormal capabilities. The cultivation energy which is developed through the cultivation of one's Xinxing evolves from

The Energy Flows of the Body

There are eight major areas of Qi flow in the body. Moreover, we must address all of these flows in order to maintain a balanced healthy body and mind. There are other flows of Qi of course, but it is these eight main flows that we are concerned with when practising Taijiquan. When we are first born, all Qi flows are healthy and strong but as we grow, human tension and especially twentieth century living tends to cause these flows to be impeded causing physical disease, mental disease and diseases that are caused by not having a strong enough connection with the spirit.

Meditations for Creativity

This next exercise from the Hoshinroshiryu is called Da Mo's Cave. Da Mo was the Hindu monk who traveled to China and, according to legend, revitalized the Shaolin Temple, introducing brain and marrow washing as well as chi kung and kung fu to the poor benighted priesthood of that far away and long ago era. Supposedly he sat in meditation in his cave for nine years. Like Christ, he felt it was important. He's usually painted with no eyelids, as legend has it he tore them off so he couldn't fall asleep when meditating, He's also the patron saint of tea drinkers. He's usually pictured as a rough-looking bearded gentleman. He is also regarded as the founder of Zen and sometimes referred to as the Bodhidharma, Da Mo, or Daruma. My first gift from Hatsumi was a watercolor cf Da Mo. Hatsumi paints him as shame-faced and worried-looking with a flaming aura.

LU 10 YUJI Fish Border

How Measure Acromial Extremity

This point strike causes great Qi damage to the whole body being one of the seven star points. The seven star points (GV20, CO 14 x 2, SI 16 x 2, and GB 30 x 2) are those which take energy in from the outside, they are used in qigong stances as Qi input points. A strike to CO 14 will cause energy to be blocked from entering the body and cause weakness and extreme emotional problems caused by the mind not knowing quite what has gone wrong, but that something really bad has happened. This point is one of the most dangerous points which when struck will cause death. The blood will be blocked, the Qi will be blocked and the brain will be

How the Students of Falun Dafa Should Spread the Cultivation System

We do not allow the students to treat diseases in others. Students of Falun Dafa are strictly forbidden to treat diseases in others. We teach you how to ascend through cultivation and do not let you develop any attachment or ruin your health. Our place of practising the Gong is better than that of any other cultivation systems. If you go to our place to practise, you will achieve a much better result than your treatment of diseases. My Law bodies sit in a circle. Above the place of practice is a cover on which there is a large Falun. A gigantic Law body guards the place on the cover. The place is not a common one. It is not a common place for the practice of qigong. It is a place of cultivation. Many of us who possess the supernormal capability have found that the site of our Falun Dafa is covered with a vast sheet of red light.

Enhancing The Different Flows Using Taijiquan

Please note All of the above Qi flows can be enhanced or kept at their maximum by practising the different ways that we practise either the New Yang Style Taijiquan (Yang Cheng-fu) or the Old Yang Style (Yang Lu-ch an). However, it is only the Yang Lu ch'an's form in which we are able to enhance the fa jing Qi flow.

Enhancing the Eight Extra Flow

This flow is enhanced no matter what Taijiquan way you are performing. However, this flow is enhanced by really concentrating upon sinking your Qi into the ground. This will happen subconsciously anyway, but make an even greater effort to do this and you will find something different happening. You will, as I have done, learn increasingly about your Taijiquan and the different ways to perform it as you practise more. It will become so that you will have to rush back from practise and write it all down so that you do not forget what you have experienced each day. You will go through each different way of performing Taijiquan naturally when you are ready, then as you progress you will find that all the different ways will melt into each other so that all of the different internal Qi flows are enhanced simply by doing your Taijiquan. It is my belief that you must however, experience and feel the different ways and their effects before this total form is able to be practised. You will...

Taijiquan The Vita Signs Taijiquan The Vita Signs

Well, there are certain physical and internal signs that one is able to look for provided they are told about them. In just the same way that the body lets you know what it wants in the way of healing, provided that you are in tune with your body, Taijiquan lets you know how you are progressing by having certain physiological signs appear in or on your body. These signs begin the moment you begin your Taijiquan and Qigong training.

Filling Energy into the Top of the Head

In the world of cultivation, there exists a formality, which is called filling energy into the top of the head . It is a religious formality of the cultivation way of Tantrism which belongs to the Buddha School. Its purpose is to forbid the person who has performed this ritual to enter other schools. In this way he is accepted formally as a disciple of this school. Today, the curious thing about it is that such a religious ritual can be found in the practice of qigong, such as in cultivation systems of the Tao School, which also practise filling energy into the top of the head. As I have told you, all cultivation ways under the cover of Tantrism which are taught in public are false. Why do I say so Because Tang-Tantrism disappeared in China over one thousand years ago and it no longer exists at all, an integrated system of Tibetan Tantrism has never spread into the Han region of China due to the language limitation. What is more, practitioners of Tantrism are required to cultivate...

The Correct Sequence of Learning Taijiquan

When we first begin to learn Taijiquan, many expect instant miracles. Nevertheless, it takes time for Taijiquan even to begin to have any appreciable effect upon your immediate physical health and your mental health. The reason for this is that Taijiquan is indeed the supreme form of Qigong. However, it takes time for a new student to be doing Taijiquan as opposed to learning it. And there is a big difference. When one learns Taijiquan, he or she is in complete physical and conscious mode. I.e., you will be thinking about every movement just trying to get the physical movement correct. This is not doing Taijiquan. It is said (by masters of past) that to think is to block the Qi. In fact, conscious thought is the same as physical tension and physical tension blocks or impedes the normal flow of Qi. This is why we are told that we must attain a state of sung while doing Taijiquan. Sung is that state that one gets into just before sleep, not quite awake and not asleep. Some call this an...

Fundamentals Basic Martial Training

Once you have been practising the qigong and studying the solo forms for some time, you will normally begin training the martial methods. By then, you will probably have realised that any aspect of bagua is harder if competently done than it would first appear to the uninitiated.

Fozhan Qianshou Fa Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands Exercise Principle

The Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands Exercise is centered around stretching to open up all energy channels. After practicing this exercise, beginners will be able to acquire energy in a short period of time and experienced practitioners can quickly improve. This exercise requires all energy channels to be opened up at the outset, enabling practitioners to immediately practice at a very high level. The movements of this exercise are quite simple because Great Tao, as a rule, is simple and easy to learn. Though the movements are simple, on the macro-level they control many things evolved by the entire cultivation system. When practicing this exercise, one's body will feel warm, and experience a unique sensation of there being a very strong energy field. This is caused by stretching and opening all the energy channels in the entire body. Its purpose is to break through areas where the energy is blocked, to enable energy to circulate freely and smoothly, to mobilize the energy within the...

Demonic Interference during Practice

What is demonic interference in practice It refers to some interference that we often easily run into while practising qigong. How can qigong practice possibly invite demonic interference Since it is indeed very difficult for a person to cultivate, he will not be able to succeed in true cultivation without the protection of my Law body. As soon as you step out of the door, you could possibly involve yourself in a matter of life and death. Human True Spirit is immortal. Then from your social activities in the previous lives, you may have owed somebody, done harm to somebody or committed some wrongdoing. The creditors will come to collect their debts. It is said in Buddhism humans live just according to the causational principles of rewards and retributions. If you owe someone something, he will come for his payment. If he gets more than he should, he will return that to you next time. If a son disrespects his parents, it will be the other way round in the next life. This is the way it...

The Study of Ba Gua Zhang Movement

As we discussed when we examined the circle walk practice in the Pa Kua Chang Journal, Volume 4, Number 6, the circle walk practice can be varied many different ways depending on what aspect of training the practitioner wants to practice. He or she can adjust the training for purposes of upper body strength and connection, for leg strength training, for endurance, for cardiovascular training, for meditation training, for qi gong training, for training agility, mobility, and evasiveness, etc. Additionally, the student should

Traditional Relationships and Teaching in Esoteric Martial Arts

Giri can also be translated as discipline, and a discipline requires disciples, which is the term often used in Chinese systems for a student of a chi kung or kung fu master. The Japanese term for a disciple is deshi. The relationship is considered religious, for life, and the kung fu or kempo training hall, or kwoon, is a temple. The disciple is often the memory of the master and studies in one par I once read a martial arts book by some poor silly bastard who went around attacking martial art masters to see if they were really that tough. He got slugged by quite a few and could describe their techniques when surprised. He finally jumped some old Chinese doctor and herbalist who had an international but low-key reputation for chi kung and martial expertise. The boob woke up in a hospital dying of severe bioelectrical malfunctions that Western medicine couldn't explain or adjust. He had to hire the Chinese doctor he had assaulted to consult on his case. The old gentleman kindly saved...

On the Issue of Killing

Some sham qigong masters in the past said You are allowed to kill on January 1 and 15 on the Chinese lunar calendar. Some of them even claimed You are allowed to kill two-legged animals, as if they were not alive. Isn't killing on January 1 and 15 regarded as a matter of killing, but earth digging Some sham qigong masters can be identified by what they say and what they do, by what they are talking about and what they are after. Those qigong masters who speak these words are often possessed by evil spirits. Just look at the way the qigong master possessed by a fox spirit is eating the chicken, gobbling it up, as if he would be reluctant to even spit out the bones.

The Eight Mother Palms

Gary Stier Martial Arts

Palms, the qi gong palms, the nei gong palms, or the eight forms. Many systems will first have the students hold these postures during basic stance training drills where the student simply stands still while holding the posture. In some systems the same leg stance is held as the practitioner holds each of the different upper body postures for a certain length of time before transitioning to the next. In other schools, the leg stance changes along with the upper body posture. However, in almost all systems of Ba Gua, this static posture holding is simply a prelude to the circle walk practice executed while holding these postures. Zhao says that the Daoists believe that if you practice meditation while you are moving, you can better blend with the patterns of nature and absorb the qi of Heaven and Earth. Zhao continues by saying that nothing in nature stands still, everything is always changing and thus if the practitioner is moving while practicing meditation, it is more natural. He...

SP 14 Fujie Abdomens Knot

If you can get a strike in at this point when the recipient is not expecting it, it will have a great affect, shocking the whole body and has been known to cause knock out. The area however is well protected by the external oblique muscles and can be flexed to afford some kind of protection especially if the attacker has been practising iron shirt qigong. Iron shirt qigong is a qigong method of moving and breathing that will, over some time, afford some protection to external strikes especially around the torso area. My video No. MTG22 Taiji Healing and Iron Shirt Qigong shows the way to gain this ability.

Exercise Frog Hama Gong

Qing Shen Gong Skill Light Body

Training of the softness YIN of the skill The Force of Eagle's Claws . Spread apart five fingers in the morning, point your arm toward the sun and make gripping and pulling movements, it is necessary to fill the arm with QI by will-power and concentrate force (in the arm) at that. When you attain this, it will mean that the soft GONG FU of flexible YIN The Force of Eagle's Claws has been mastered. When you take a thing in a hand, some force is applied, that is the hard GONG FU belonging to the category YANG. When nothing is in your hands, force is not applied, it is the soft GONG FU belonging to the category YIN. Mutual coordination of YIN and YANG accounts for the training procedure at first YANG, then YIN.

Personal Health and Well Being

Zen Shiatsu How to Harmonize Yin and Yang for Better Health. Tokyo, Japan Japan Publications, Inc., 1977. People keep stealing my shiatsu books, and once you start experimenting with the techniques you'll understand why. Shiatsu becomes particularly interesting once you've developed chi kung.

Holding a circle sitting on a chair

SIT forwards on the edge of a chair letting the air pass across your back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep the knees and toes vertically in line as this helps the circulation in the legs. With your back straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and your mouth (keep the tip of your tongue touching between the upper palate and the root of the teeth -if you close your mouth, everything should be in the correct position). Hold your hands in front of the Dantien, left hand on top for men and right hand on top for women (this is because the Qi flows differently for men and women), with the thumbs touching as if you were holding a small ball. Totally relax your body and choose one of the concentration methods. Then bring your mind to your Dantien and finally forget everything. (This exercise can also be done sitting in the lotus position.)

Dimensions and Humankind

A According to what I know, the number of layers of dimensions in the universe is innumerable. When it comes to the existence of various other dimensions, what exists in those dimensions and who lives there, it is very hard to know using current scientific means. Modern science has yet to produce material proof. However, some of our Qigong masters and people who possess supernormal capabilities can see other dimensions because other dimensions can only be seen by Tianmu (third eye), not the human eyes.

Pa Kua in Britian Ji Jian Cheng

Jian Cheng

Ji Jian-Cheng started to learn a little Southern Shaolin and Nan Ch'uan with his grandfather at the age of eight and then at the age of eleven began to train with him on a more serious basis. During the next few years Ji studied Southern 18 Lohan style, Black Tiger, Five Animals, Gang-Rou style, Qi Gong, and weapons such as the staff and sword. In addition to Hsing-I and Pa Kua, Ji has studied other internal styles such as T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Yang and Chen styles) and Ba Ji (Pa Chi). He has been a full time martial arts coach for 10 years, national judge and referee, and was recently made associate professor and Director of Wushu at Hangzhou University. In 1990 Ji spent 9 months in Russia as visiting professor at the Moscow Institute of Physical Education. As well as other martial arts he taught Pa Kua in Moscow and Tashkent. In 1991, I arranged for him to come to England as Chief Instructor of the T'ai Chi and Wushu Association of Great Britain. During the past year he has been teaching...

Gong Fu Bag Bu Dai Gong

Thoughts and breath, strain QI in the region of the waist . Stroke the stomach with both hands 36 times the left hand moves first, then the right one. Release QI94, then stroke with both hands in the reverse direction95. Repeat several times in that manner. In one or two years your stomach will become as soft as silk. However, if you strain QI, your stomach becomes as hard as iron. After that stand a support and lay a log on it. Press your stomach to its butt-end, strain QI, try to embrace the butt-end with your stomach and pull the log back. At the beginning the log will surely fall out. But over time, after long training, you will learn to drawn in the log so it cannot be pulled off even with great effort. It means full success has been gained. Now if you drawn in the butt-end of the log with your stomach and then strain QI and abruptly push out the log, it will fly directly forward. If the enemy punches at your stomach, his fist will stick in the stomach and it will be difficult to...

Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Instructor Xie Pei Qi to Visit United States and England

Eight Animal Bagua Zhang

Traditionally a closed system with few students, Dr. Xie began to teach Yin style Bagua openly ten years ago after his two chosen students died unexpectedly in an accident, leaving no heirs to the Yin style lineage. Today, Dr. Xie believes strongly that no knowledge should be kept secret, as unless his knowledge is passed on, the full system of Yin style Bagua, like many other of China's traditional arts, will be lost. To that end, Dr. Xie began working with the Association for Traditional Studies to document the entire Yin style Bagua The Chinese Culture Lecture Series brings traditional practitioners to the West in order to share what China's arts have to offer at a personal, individual to individual, level. Summer '96 will run from the end of June to the end of September in cities across the U.S. and in London, England. Dr. Xie will be offering a variety of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and classes focusing on the topics of Chinese Medicine, Qigong for...

Warriors of Stillness

Wuji Qigong Cai Song Fang

The book, which is 226 pages in length, begins with Diepersloot's personal accounts of his teachers and his experiences in practicing the meditative aspects of the internal martial arts. In the next section titled Being Mindful of the Center the author explains how to cultivate the center point of the body, the center line of the body, and discusses the Wu Ji Qi Gong practice as a healing art.

After studying with Chen where do you go

After studying with Chen Zuo Zhen, I went to study with another Tai Ji teacher named Lin Ah Long WIsL ). Lin is the best Tai Ji Quan fighter that I have ever met. The only thing he had ever studied was Tai Ji. A lot of people I met that did Tai Ji and knew how to fight had also done other things as well. Lin Ah Long had only practiced Tai Ji and had started that when he was in his teens. He was very soft and very relaxed. He changed a lot of my ideas about how to generate power and opened my eyes to the power of the soft martial arts. I studied with him for two years. He did a short version of the Yang form and a small frame version of the Chen form as well as some qi gong. His martial arts instruction was also very practically oriented.

Wai Dan Kung Exercise

If an organ is not functioning normally, then increasing the Chi flow in the corresponding channel will help to restore its normal function. In moving Wai Dan exercises the mind concentrates on the breath and at the same time imagines guiding energy to the local area. As was mentioned earlier, the channel system and the brain are closely related, so that when one concentrates, he can control the circulation of Chi more efficiently. This in turn results in the muscles being able to exert maximum power. This is what is known as Wai Dan internal power. For example in order to guide the Chi you have generated to the center of the palm, imagine an obstacle in front of your palm and try to push it away without tensing any muscles. The better you imagine, the stronger the Chi flow will be. Frequently, when an object seems too heavy to move, and you have tried in vain to push it, if you relax and calm down and imagine pushing the object, you will find the object will now move....

The Kundalini Experience

Being a college professor means you have the summer off to indulge in little self-improvement projects. When the school year ended in 1985 I decided to follow the prescriptions given in my chi kung correspondence course from the Chinese National Chi Kung Institute in Moulton, Alabama, to arouse the bubbling springs or bring the inner fire to the brain. This is known as 'Tien Tao Chi Kung or Heaven's Way and corresponds to the Indian Kundalini. I'd been able to run the microcosmic orbit connecting the meridians and chakras to the spine both front and back with a single breath for about three years and was able to bend a candle flame to my bidding, so I thought I'd go for the big time. Ninety days of meditating as much as possible. Chi sickness or emerging kundalini problems weren't part of her perceptual world or mine. Fortunately Dr. Richard Grant, a political economist at the college who was taking my hoshinjutsu course, had read in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and recommended...

Ba Gua Zhang as Practiced by the Chinese Boxing Institute International

Wang Shu Jin

Christopher Casey was born with little athletic talent, but a keen intellect and a determined will. Early on he studied with an interest in energy and real fighting. His ultimate goal was the study and mastering of energy and truth in combat, even over and the above a style or personality. His journey led him to the Republic of China (Taiwan). He became well connected with the government's Ministry of Education by becoming the Chief Liaison Officer of the Guo Shu Federation, Republic of China, to the United States, and later to Europe. The Guo Shu Federation is a martial arts agency of the Government of the Republic of China operating under the Ministry of Education. Casey promoted the Guo Shu arts, etc., in the United States and Europe for about twelve years in this capacity. In 1981 Christopher Casey formed the Chinese Boxing Institute International with several of his teachers as original board of directors. This was done because Casey wanted to make a distinction between the...

Mechanics of Power in Ba

Concave the chest and the qi will sink. Zhan says that although the classics say that qi circulates and fills the myriad points of the body, it is problematic that the source of qi isn't discussed. Zhan believes that qi is based on physical mechanics described earlier. It comes from song and is generated from song. Thus, according to Zhan, the only way to practice qi' is through song. The correct way to train is brought about by correct movement. Correct movement releases song, and if movement is incorrect song will be defective and internal power cannot be released. According to Zhan when the qi is concentrated at the dan tian (the traditional center of qi) it will rise to the top of the head and even extend through the top of your head. He quoted the classical Ba Gua song's advice to evenly circulate the qi that many of us already know Keep your mouth closed, tongue on top of the inside of the mouth, breath thru the nose. These are some aspects of qi circulation The lower abdomen...

By Jerry Alan Johnson

Eight Animal Bagua

Lion and the Qian Gua The element of Qian represents Heaven and is pure yang with the attributes of health and strength. The body of the qian gua is the three solid lines, and it adopts the characteristics of being strong, full of power, and In fighting, the qian takes the form of the lion paw, the fingers are curled so as to strike or quickly grab the opponent and break their defense. The lion's favorite techniques in fighting are those used in qin na (joint locking) and grappling (ground work and choke outs). In grappling, the lion works points of the body in order to separate and tear muscle from the bone. Along with the seizing techniques of the lion paw, he uses his arms to catch, hook and trap for initiating bone breaking and joint dislocation. The lion is also very punishing with his use of knees, elbows, and striking with his head. The legs are used for low pounding kicks designed to break the structure of his opponent and dislocate the knees. He will also step on the feet and...

Developing Joriki Your Power of Concentration in Action

The focused mind can pierce through stone is not a dramatic exaggeration. It's literally true. Hou Shuying of Peking, China, is a fifty-year-old exponent of qigong, a breaking art that teaches the development of almost unbelievable power through mental concentration. Hou not only can break stones and wood but can snap iron bars in two by chopping them with his bare hands. In a recent demonstration he broke a four-inch-thick slab of granite in half with a sharp blow with his head

Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Jason Tsou

Gua Zhang Low Stance

We had weapons training, qi gong applications, and forms. The chance along with its applications. As I explained earlier, the forms for the leg and arms are taught later on along with qi gong. changes. If the changes were taught sooner it would be very difficult to do them correctly. There is really a lot going on in the changes with the arms, legs, breathing, stepping, and qi gong. Once the 64 palms are learned, we start pole training. This involves many different exercises, going from simple to more difficult and learning the entering the forest form done with nine poles. That is the basic progression of teaching in general. Other drills and exercises, or weapons, might be introduced at various times. Ba Gua also uses a lot of pressure points along with the Qin Na. I've heard that Gong Bao Tian f &) and Ma Gui ( fr) were both very good at this. When I was visiting with Xie Pei Qi he really liked to use Qin Na a lot. If you asked him how a lock worked he...

Principles From The Tai Shih Ching

Deep Breathing For Energy

Over thousands of years of experience, Chinese meditators found that through practice they could retrain the abdominal muscles and regain a stronger flow of Chi. This exercise is called Back to Childhood (Fan Ton). Principally, when the muscles in the area are exercised, the nerves and Chi channels will start to accumulate the energy which has been generated by the exercise. This kind of energy generation and accumulation is called Starting the Fire or Chi For . It is enhanced by concentrating the mind strongly on this activity. Later, it was found that in the Chi For exercise, the breathing must be coordinated in order to exercise the muscles efficiently and regularly. Also, this regular breathing coordination helps the meditator to concentrate his mind on the exercise. As explained in Chapter 1, the mind can control the Chi's generation and circulation. Therefore, in meditation, one should concentrate his mind at the Dan Tien, which is called Yi Sou Dan Tien , or the mind always...

Tim Cartmell demonstrating Tai Ji Quan in Tokyo Japan 1990

Ted Sias Kung San Soo

When I got to Taiwan, I went directly to Xu Hong Ji to ask him to teach me. By that time Xu had retired and said he was no longer accepting students. I was persistent and after a couple of weeks he told me I could follow him up the mountain where he went to exercise. For several weeks after that I would just follow him as he went up the mountain and sit all day while he talked with his friends. After several weeks of that he decided that I was sincere so he had me train with a friend of his, Mr. Fan. Mr. Fan taught me Shaolin Qi Gong. I woke up early every morning, climbed the mountain, and studied qi gong with Mr. Fan. In the meantime, Xu Hong Ji had gone to Japan to teach Xing Yi and when he came back he started actually instructing me in Xing Yi Quan. After Xu started teaching me, I continued to climb the mountain every morning and practice qi gong. For the first two months all I did was practice pi quan (

Fred Wu stands in the Ba Gua Zhan Zhuang stance keeping posture which he learned from Sun Xi

By the time Wu graduated from Ohio State in 1950, the Communists were in power in China and Chiang Kai Shek's government had retreated to Taiwan. With no job to return to in China, Wu decided to stay in the United States. However, jobs for foreign-born residents in America were also hard to find in the agriculture field and so Wu stayed in college and earned his Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry in the Agricultural Biochemistry department at Ohio State University in 1957. During a visit to Hong Kong in 1964, Wu had the opportunity to meet many of the prominent martial artists in various fields and studied Yi Quan Zhuang Zhang Gong Qi Gong, QinNa Eagle Claw and

Origins of the Circle Walk Practice in Ba Gua Zhang

Josef Mengele Medical Experiments

Thus the walking is very fast and the directional changes are frequent others practice to develop a balanced Qi flow in the body and thus the movement and breathing is very smooth, the dan tian is stable, and the stepping method facilitates a full circulation of Qi from head-to-toe others practice to build upper body strength and full body connection and thus the various upper body postures are held for long periods of time, consequently the change of direction is infrequent and the walking position is at a middle or upper level so the legs will not tire before the arms. While some practitioners might practice only one of these methods, others practice many of them. Practice method depends on what component of martial arts development the practitioner desires to improve or at what stage of development in the training process the individual practitioner has reached.

Meditation and Chi Circulation

Small Circulation Meditation

After the Chi has been successfully guided to the Wei Lu, it moves up the spine to the next major obstacle, the Ming Men (Gate of Life) or Jar Gi (Press Spine). This point is located on the back directly behind the heart between the spinous processes of the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae (Fig. 3-4). In acupuncture this same cavity is called Lingtai (Spiritual Tower). When Chi flows to this area, it will usually cause the heart to beat faster, which can interfere with concentration. To lose concentration here might result in the Chi dispersing here, which will normally cause a cold sweat, tensing of the nerves, and rapid breathing. If the Chi remains in the surrounding area, it will stagnate the Chi flow in that area, and disturb the heart function. However, if one relaxes, concentrates on the cavity, and remains calm, there is usually little resistance to the Chi flow here. Some beginning meditators say they cannot feel the Chi flow, while others say they feel it is stopped at a...

Wing Chun Hand Movements

Bong Sau Lap Sau Wing Chun

No great achievement comes without sacrifice. In studying Qigong and martial arts, the sacrifice varies person to person and may include efforts finding the right teacher and then becoming accepted, travelling great distances or struggling for fees among others, but it always requires commitment. Iy Sifu had to travel frequently from his native Hong Kong to mainland China in orderto learn his rare skills. There were times during my studies when I would have to travel over an hour each way to Qigong and Taijiquan classes. And yet, I have encountered people that are simply unwilling to travel more than twenty minutes from their homes They consider the distance to the nearest class over the quality of the teacher and reputation of the style failing to take into account that perhaps as much as 90 percent of teachers today are actually unqualified Everyone who has succeeded in their endeavours has endured and overcome pain, bitterness, criticism, failure, laziness, self-satisfaction, and...

Gao Liu De shown above taught Tim Wang Xiang Zhais Yi Quan method and Xing Yi Quan

Hsing Internal Power Exercise

Excluding Chinese medicine and qi gong, as far as the martial arts are concerned, what I found from my 10 years of study in China is that there is an inverse relationship between the amount teachers talked about qi and mysterious concepts, and their ability to fight. Meaning that the instructors that I found who had the most martial ability and were the most proficient in their martial art talked about qi the least. I found that the people who were talking about qi and mysterious concepts were usually not very good at the martial arts. When I first started with Xu Hong Ji, he was kind of testing my sincerity, so I just had to follow him and study the qi gong with his friend. When he actually started teaching me, the first thing he taught me was how to stand in a basic standing posture (San Ti Shi - JL ft and he taught me how to breath. Next he taught me pi quan. I did that for several hours a day, everyday, for a few months before I started the other elements. After several months of...

Meditations for Becoming Enlightened

I will now present for you a method based on the ancient Tien Tao Chi Kung practices that are hidden within Bujinkan Taijut-su. All of this works and it all works together. You leave out any part, then shame on you. I'll emphasize the important secrets that are usually left out (or only passed on through oral tradition). There are worse penalties than boredom for doing this wrong, so read this over and approach the subject with caution and pure intention. If you're careful and maintain the right attitude by using the Secret Smile, you can have a lot of fun. Practice is more important than intensity or sincerity. Once you have mastered sitting in an erect and still position with your bones balanced so your muscles can just hang relaxed, you can begin working with the breath. Being still allows you to feel subtle differences in your body as you experiment with developing your ability to efficiently process oxygen to ignite the blood. Chi kung breathing uses a simpler formula than many...

Teaching Esoteric Strategy at the College Level

Camper had a young Alaskan friend who wanted to study with me. His name was Steve Noonkesser. He was a history major and very analytical, good with computers, and loved playing Dungeons and Dragons. His joining our little circle made the next semester very interesting. Teaching should also be learning, and Steve, having grown up in Alaska with Eskimos, had some very interesting perspectives concerning man's place in nature. We began to integrate some of the techniques he'd learned from his Indian friends into the course. I began to study and practice chi kung and Iyengar yoga, which amplified the Zen practice I'd been doing on and off for years. I learned how to dungeon-master and we added role playing to our strategy sessions as mental exercises. amount of strength. Steve, because he was physically powerful, became our guinea pig. He also encouraged the introduction cf weapons at a much lower belt level than Camper and I had discussed. We decided...

The Three Abstentions A

Interpromoting Cycle Elements

These three abstentions must be remembered by every beginner. There are advantages and disadvantages in every matter, and this is so with the practice of martial arts. If there is not correct method and only a moment's enthusiasm is relied on to guide the practice, the three disadvantages will surely occur during practice, i.e. the angry qi, the awkward force, and the thrown out chest and lifted abdomen. Hence, the disadvantage would result in harm. Not only is it impossible to build up the skill, the method, the qi, the force, and energy smoothly, but also it is difficult to accomplish the martial art skill. It will waste time and strength, and also can cause the results of injury to the body in the mild condition and of death in the severe condition. The more and the deeper the work is done, the quicker and more severe the problem will be. 1) Qi Gong is a double edged sword. Correct, systematic practice over time will bring tremendous results. Incorrect and haphazard practice can...

Third Generation Yin Fu Stylists in Bejing Yang Kun Left and Gao Zi Ying Right

In keeping with the Yin school tradition,Yang Kun himself has not taught many students. He says that his emphasis in teaching is on Qi development and this development takes a long time. He states that today students are interested in techniques and so they get bored with the Qi development aspects which he stresses, consequently he does not keep many students. Dong Hai Chuan's student Fan Zhi Yong specialized in Dong's Buddhist Qi Gong methods

Martial Arts Applications

Internal Rotation Feet

Once it became know that a balanced, unimpeded flow of Chi was necessary for life and well being, the next step was to find ways to affect the enemy's Chi flow. Martial arts masters found that of the several hundred acupuncture cavities, 108 can be easily affected by striking, pressing, grabbing, or kicking. Hitting cavities to cause death, unconsciousness or paralysis was called cavity strike or cavity press . This technique, together with sealing the breath or vein has been considered the highest art in Kung Fu. The technique of Cavity Press (Tien Hsueh) is probably the highest accomplishment of Chi Kung in the martial arts. Ever since Chi was understood, martial artists have used various methods to affect an enemy's Chi, either instantly or with a delayed reaction, with the object of causing death, unconsciousness, stupefaction, or numbness of a body area. For a number of cavities, a strike will not result in any obvious injury. However, the strike in fact causes the Chi to...

By Xie Pei Qi translated by Huang Guo Qi

Images Chinese Gong

In the following article, Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang practitioner Xie Pei Qi presents the rules of Qi Gong practice by discussing the three abstentions and the eight principles. Xie Pei Qi (see Pa Kua Chang Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1, page 16) is well known in China for his knowledge of martial arts Qi Gong and his healing work using Qi Gong therapy to treat patients. His discussion of the rules of Qi Gong holds important information for practitioners of all levels of experience. Xie Pei Qi demonstrates one of his qi gong sitting postures, Beijing, 1993

The Yellow Emperors Classic on Internal Medicine embraces the principle life is movement

Park Bok Nam's theory of energy development and cultivation includes three different types of qi in the body. The first is what Park calls skin qi. This is the qi that moves through the body's energy meridians, channels, and associated collaterals. When the practitioner practices qi gong and feels warmth, tingling, heaviness, fullness, etc., they are experiencing awareness of the skin qi. This kind of qi can be cultivated through both static and moving exercise. As discussed in the first installment of this article, some schools of Ba Gua will start beginning students practicing various components of qi gong separately and thus static posture holding, sitting or standing meditation, and sitting or standing breathing exercise may be included in the curriculum. However, later in the development process, all of these components are brought together and practiced in conjunction with progressively more difficult physical body movements and circle walking footwork. Learning how to...

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