4 Week Manifestation Review

4 Week Manifestation

About Andrew Jakovic, the creator of this product:

His story can inspire us all, he has been a patient of someone that has helped him overcome his powerful subconscious. He became a problem student in the class, he got to be drug addicts and he was even bullying kids his age because of his deep insecurities with his dead mother and his drunk dad. He has two choices, either submit to the state he is in and just become the worst person imaginable, or fight that destiny and revolutionize his entire life with new prospects. His life completely changes after he met a retired neuroscientist who studied brain waves. This is when he realized that his brain was only showing him what he wanted to see, everything that was projected in the conscious side was sent to the subconscious for hours and days at a time, which greatly affected his state of consciousness and made him a miserable man. This led to the conclusion of this product, by simply changing the way memories are processed and recalibrating the brain, we can actually reset our own course of future and be the creator of our own life. The one thought that comes to mind is that the one that can do that is the brain.

About the product, 4-week manifestation:

The feeling of being lost in life, feeling like your direction does not make sense and not being content with what you do is probably what the vast majority of everyone feels like every single day. It brings a depressing heavy feeling in our hearts almost like someone is stomping on your chest. This is largely due to the brain and the things we make it get exposed to; for instance, the negativity in the everyday life of everyone around you makes you feel worthy, and this creates a validation seeking while seeing everyone on the internet doing great things makes you feel unworthy which can destroy your self-esteem for the day. There is one thing that each and every one of us can do to better themselves in any regard or any situation, this program shows you exactly how to feel like you are in control again.

It studies various areas of the brain; for instance, in the struggle between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious is always the winner, since in life we do things that we are programmed to do, and the one thing that remains active is the subconscious; in addition to that, if we are not using the subconscious to our side, we are missing out on so many things since the brain is so powerful and it is more powerful than you can imagine. Your brain is actually not giving you the things that you want because you are not in control of it, it is as simple as that, if you lack money, if you lack destiny and happiness, it is all your brain. The product can also work on altering your brain waves in a way that you can change your future.

The way this is going to work is first by systematically altering and calibrating your brain in four weeks using isochronic tones, this is almost going to be entertaining your brain and letting it go wild in its power, and it is going to be 8 soundtracks that last about half an hour each. All that is required in this case is to listen to each one through a scheduled day of your own choice, this is great because you will be able to do that in your own sleep, practicing yoga, on the subway, at the gym or even while cooking, It is going to make you feel empowered, content and feeling like the best version that yourself can ever be. You will be able to be the most successful you can be and you will meet people that will guide you on the way, and perhaps even people that are willing to stay with you through thick and thin. This is also going to help you master your body to do things such as having a higher sex drive, increasing your metabolic rate and even having an insane amount of brain power and energy. This will include:

  • Week 1: the cleansing week. This will be focusing on resetting your brain waves and removing things such as anger, anxiety, depression, and frustration. This will also relax the brain that can be unbelievable at first.
  • Week 2: the foundation week. This will be when things will start to kick in since your brain is already cleansed from all the past, you will now be able to lay the foundation for your calibration.
  • Week 3: the calibration week. This is when everything will be applied since you can now have all access to alter your brain to any state and make it do things for you such as create a better future.
  • Week 4: Taking control. The final stage is when you will attain eternal freedom of self and spirit, this is where you take control over everything in life, and it starts with you, instead of the brain is your master, you will now be the master of your brain.

There are some groundbreaking ideas that the original creator of the product, the neuroscientist has not been able to tell the public since people will doubt, and it will create controversy. This is something that is going to feel like you are cheating the system, everyone around you that isn't calibrated or awakened will look like bodies doing things over and over again. You will be the master of your own body, you can control everything you want from it, it is the master of your body, it can increase certain hormones and decrease other, it is your central system, the supercomputer that you are processing information right now; and if you gain control over it, the world will start to look like the best place you could ever live in. You can increase your metabolic rate, increase hormones, help the skin and even control your fears and emotions. The great thing is that this product is going to be downloaded right now if you make a successful purchase and it is very easy to use, the instructions are well-put. Think of all the things you could be doing with your brain right now. 

4 Week Manifestation
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