Family Self Defense Review

Family Self Defense


 The author of Family Self Defence programs goes by the name of Frank Bell, aged 44 years old.  He is an Old Systems Analysts who have extensive experience in the field and has decided to share with people some few tactics which would help improve their security and also have a good family defence. According to Frank, he has been working for years in training some bodyguard who offer protection to celebrities, thus making him stand out in a better position to offer sound advice which would improve your security.


It Has an Elaborate Method and Techniques

 Family Self Defence is a new program in the market which is equipped with all the necessary tactics which would help people to have a family defence. The various techniques and the methods which are used in the program are clear to enable the users to have some tactics which would ensure there is maximum security. Some of the methods have been discussed extensively for one to have an excellent ability to protect your family against any trouble which may arise.

 The Author Has Long Experiences

 Frank Bell has worthwhile expertise and knowledge which he has shared in the program, thus making the program to be more reliable.  In the current society that we are living, there are a number of the insecurity cases, and Frank has incorporated all these issues in the program to ensure there is maximum security for families.

 It's Available in Different Form 

 Family Self Defence program is available in various form such as eBook and DVD player, which makes the program to be more reliable to the users. The author has ensured the program reaches out too many families, thus promoting maximum security. Fran has over the years shared with his readers some of the knowledge which he believes would help to improve their safety.

 Positive Testimony

 Many people who have used the program before have given their testimonies regarding the program which show the program is reliable. It is through other people reviews where you can be able to draw the line as to whether the product could be reliable or not. If you want to improve your family security, then you should consider looking for Family Self Defence by Frank Bell.


 Family Self Defence program mainly focuses on giving people some fundamental techniques and methods to improve their security and that of their families. It is an eBook which is written and would also act as a handbook.  Due to the nature of the security, the government may fail to provide every single family with a security officer, but the program is designed in a way which would help to boost own family safety. We all understand the hazard and the threats which are there in the society, but the program would ensure that your family is well protected.


Lazy Man Training Method

 This method of training has been explained by the author with the purpose of one to develop some key moves which would enable someone to develops some devastating moves in the homes. These techniques have been defined in more effective ways to ensure that one has more defined forms of defending himself.

 Vision Field Expansion

It is the most common way which is used by many people in expanding the level of their senses when it comes to handling some of the issues which affect them. It is the most common thing that one should be concerned about when it comes to the changing people mind and also when you are fighting people in the group.

 How to Use Your Natural Body?

We have different body part which could be used to help defend yourself in case there is any danger or security threat. The program will clearly show how some parts of the body would be used in ensuring bring someone to the knees. There are secrets behind the manipulation of the joints, which would help to improve the level of the security. These devastating secrets would be used even by old people, thus promote their security.

 Dos and Don’ts of the Weapons

 The program depicts some of the dos and also the don'ts of any weapon which you have for your security. We all have some weapon to protects our families, but we also need to know there are some key thing which you are supposed to observe when we use the weapon as clearly detailed in the program. If we could have some skills of using or protecting ourselves from the weapon, then we could improve our security.

 Things to When You Are Tied Up

 In the program, there are some few tips which have been highlighted which are very crucial in helping someone to untie himself when he is tied. In many cases, it is when we find ourselves in tied places, and we usually ask our self on how we could get out the hooks. However, some good news is that the program has those essential tips which you can free yourself.


Family Self Defence program has been in existence for some time and is critical in solving some of the common issues which relate to the security of the family without necessarily involving the police.

 Key problems solved.

 Insecurity Problem

 It is a central problem which is resolved by the program once someone has enrolled in the program. There are several threats in the country, and with this program, it would ensure that families are more secure and safe. The author share with the users some of the conventional methods which would be used in solving some of the insecurity problems. For instance, in the program, there are some critical details about how we can use our weapons in defending ourselves and also ensuring that other people are safe.

 Identification of The Threats

  Family Self Defence has helped many people in identifying some hazardous threat, which is there in the current society. In the past, people would have some challenges when it comes to the identification of the existing threats in society. To enhance the level of the security in the families and also the society, it would begin by ensuring there is proper identification of the possible threats and some dangerous acts which would cause some threats of the securities of many families.

Reduction of The Risk

The program has been of significance in the families because it has helped to reduce the risks which are involved in the families and also the society. Risk cause a lot of loses and even destruction, but with the program in place, it ensures such loses have been reduced drastically.  Many people have confessed of the impacts the program has brought in their life and how they now live with the comfort with the use of the various tips and methods which are provided in the program.

Response to Disaster

Disaster management plays some vital role in the country, and there is a need for everyone in the country to take good care of the disaster program to enhance some level of protection in the country. There are some clear details in the program on how to respond to the disaster when it arises, which helps in reducing the rise of the victims. For instance, if there is a disaster in the family and the victims are the kids, it would call for the intervention of the parent to save the situation if they have all the necessary knowledge about the disaster management.


 Family Self Defence programs are available in different forms, which include the following:

  • EBook
  • Video
  • E-book

 The program is available online, and one will only need to download the book and have access to the information which is contained in the program. Once you have the books, you can use it as a handbook. It is generally available in the official websites and also other trusted search engines.

  • Video

 Family Self Defense program could be accessed through a video which has all the details which you need to ensure that your family is more secure. In addition to that, the video has been developed in a more transparent way to ensure that the content which is intended to reach out to the users.


  The product is targeting the families who have been a target by the thugs in the past. Due to the growing number of citizens in the country, the government has been unable to offer security to every single citizen. If all the families would adopt the system, then the safety of the families would improve. The product is not new in the market and has been in existence for a period now. For the users to use the product, they do not need to have any skills since it is their defence.

Family Self Defense
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