Fat Shredder Kickboxing Review

Fat Shredder Kickboxing

What is Fat Shredder Kickboxing?

Well, the name basically gives you a general idea of what this workout program is about. Fat Shredder Kickboxing is also known as FSK 12 (12 stands for the number of weeks the program requires). Many people, including myself, make the mistake of thinking that the longer they exercise the more weight they will lose.

This is not true! The reality is that long cardio workouts can even end up making you store more fat. FSK 12 replaces long boring workouts with shorter, funner and more effective workouts that will significantly boost your metabolism.

You can download the content right onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, depending on your specific lifestyle. This is a huge bonus as it allows you to do the workouts wherever you are. You don’t have to necesarily be in a gym or at home. You just need a device.

Who is Mike Zhang?

Mike Zhang is the creator of Fat Shredder Kickboxing, a North American Muay Thai Champion, National (USMTO) Open Class Silver Medalist and even trained/sparred with several UFC Fighters. The kickboxing champion has over ten years of experience being a personal trainer. Mike has the experience in the fitness industry to know what works and what doesn’t.

He created a system that not only helped him stay in shape but that's helped thousands of men and women lose weight and tone up. Now he is offering his exclusive proven system to you and anyone else who has the determination to change the way they look for good.

What FSK-12 (Fat Shredder Kickboxing Work) Includes

It is the profound and stringent solution that follows a different property to eradicate every iota of the stubborn abdominal fat. It is a cent percent natural solution that will save both, your time and money. No expensive steroids required. The following are some of the modules which come under this program. They are:

  • 12 Week FSK-Method Blueprint – The guided program for you to transform your body that comes with easy to follow information and pictures.
  • FSK Introduction to Fitness – This guide is for newbies to fitness and working out. Here you’ll get basic exercise fundamentals, basic energy systems, how to prepare for your work-out, an introduction to diet and how your body reacts when your workout, etc.
  • FSK Coaching Videos – You will get access to Mike’s coaching videos that show you how to do each technique.
  • FSK Exercise Guide – The detailed exercise guide that offers an in-depth explanation of each technique.

The Bonus Materials Include:

  • Recovery/Mobility/Stretching Plan
  • 33 Habits and Beliefs of the Champion Fighter and How to Apply Them to Your Life.
  • FSK Warm-Up Plan
  • Lean Body Hacks

How does FSK-12 (Fat Shredder Kickboxing Work)?

It comprises of three phases. These phases are tiered to allow your body enough time to safety and successfully develop to prevent injuries.

Here are the 3 phases of the FSK12 program:

1. Foundation Pre-Burn – This section will kick-start your metabolism, and boost your fat burning hormones and start the fat burning process.

2. Metabolic/Hormone Boost – The movements in this phase have been designed to support your transition into a higher level of fat burning.

3. The Fat Burning Machine – In this phase the movements are now modified to be the advanced variation.

 Benefits of Fat Shredder Kickboxing

1. No equipment - You do not have to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment to do these workouts. All you will be using is your body weight.

2. All fitness levels - Your level of fitness is not an excuse with this program. You will start this program as a beginner and as you get better and progress through the phases you will do more advanced workouts. All fitness levels can do this program, especially beginners.

3. Burn Fat and Build Muscle - You will start to increase your metabolism and fat burning hormones starting with day 1 of the program.

4. Easy to Follow - This program is very easy to follow and you’ll always know what you have to do next.

5. Affordable - This program is very affordable and much cheaper than having to pay for a monthly gym membership. You’ll also get a better workout here than you would at a gym.

6 . Youthful energy - It will give you more youthful energy than any caffeinated drink can possibly do for you.

7. Reverse all signs of aging -  You'll feel, look and move younger than your chronological age.


Who is the product intended for?

It goes without saying that Fat Shredder Kickboxing is for those who dislike gyms or do not have access to one, or people on the move.

It is ideal for those more inclined toward a gear-free, do-it-at-home fitness regimen, like bodyweight workouts, HIIT or calisthenics for fat loss and fitness, but who also want something that is fun to do and keeps them motivated.

FSK-12 fits the bill as it is based on a simple carry-over protocol of professional fighters’ workout drills.

It is a doable blueprint for the general public and for those with a desire to be “fighting-fit” with a shredded physique and great stamina and balance, but without getting punched or kicked in the process.

Fat Shredder Kickboxing
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