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Forbidden Kill Strikes

About the author

The product has been written by Chuck Eastman who is a former military man. Eastman was with his wife when his son brought along his family over to Eastman. Chuck’s son planned a diner date with his wife and opted to leave their daughter with the grandparents.  His granddaughter Kimmy loves staying with her grandparents because they get spoiled with candy. While the girls were sleeping downstairs, robbers started kicking down the door when Kimmy ran upstairs, informing his grandparents about someone watching them sleep. At first Eastman did not understand what she was saying, until he heard kicks on the door. When Chuck went downstairs, he saw two armed robbers holding Megan while placing a shiny knife held on on her throat. The author saw the events take place on a first-person basis making it easier to trust him. In addition to that, he practiced with Meghan’s father at a personal level and knew about some of the easy steps to winning a battle with household objects.

The actual product is about fighting techniques that can be used in self-defense. Just like Meghan saved Chuk’s family, Chuck saw that it was important to share this technique with other people to help save them from bullies. This technique has proved effective and helped even students who are being bullied at school. Although it is considered inhumane, using the secret weapon can be of a greater advantage when someone is of a big threat to you, your family or your dignity. You never know whose life you are saving in the process. The forbidden kill strike got its name from when Chuck and Kain started training. These moves are rare and cannot be seen in any fighting competition. They practiced for eight days and Kain was not in a position to give Chuck the full package because that is a family secret that was passed down to him.

The problem that the product helps solve

The product helps solve problems with insecurities that face us in our day to day life. We feel helpless when we are faced with danger and there is nothing that we can do to save ourselves or our loved ones from this problem. They say that the first step to take when faced with such a situation is to dial 911. Well, it is easier said than done, especially when one of your attackers is holding your loved one, ready to butcher them. There is nothing as frustrating as knowing that you cannot save your family. Most children look up to their parents as their heroes and failing to perform this duty can be really frustrating. The guide shows complete reflexes that are used in self defense. All that you need to know is to identify the weakest spots in the human body and you are good to go. Into a comprehensive manual training, there are deadly new names of deadly techniques that no one could trace back to Kain.

The product comes in form of a guide with different skills that can be used in case of an attack. Most of the fighting techniques are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in fighting competitions. These techniques are effective because Kain has watched and practiced many martial arts since he was a child. This has enabled him to share part of his secretes with the world and let the world know that they do not have to possess weapons to emerge victorious from a fight. In addition to that dialing and waiting for 911 can be a hard task when you are a victim in a robbery. Anything around you is a weapon and we should take advantage of that. Using pepper sprays and tasers are just another harm that we are posing on ourselves as the attackers can decide to use our weapons against us.

Additionally, purchasing the product gives you access to all the early American prison fight maneuvers. These tricks can be employed and be used for your personal self-defense and safety. These techniques are not available anywhere else apart from in this unique guide. In addition to that, the guide offers tactics that no one has ever heard of that was passed down to Kian by his grandfather who was a warrior. Mastering all these techniques might prove difficult. It is advisable that you combine two or three deadly techniques that can incorporate the rest of the techniques and use them to your advantage. The guide also includes detailed guide to fighting with common household objects. Objects like toothpicks can also be effective in fighting your enemy. You can also improvise weapons at home and use them anytime an attacker shows up. For instance, a table cloth can be a weapon and so can a coffee cup. You just need to think quick before the attackers come up with an idea before you.

Forbidden Kill Strikes
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