Heavy Bag Blueprint Review

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Blueprint

If you’re looking for a no fluff review on Heavy bag Blueprint, you have come to the right place. This post will offer you with all the info required to determine whether Heavy bag Blueprint is suitable for you or not. So, let us start with our Heavy bag Blueprint review.

Heavy Bag Blueprint by Sean Fagan is a step by step program about heavy bag training. The product allows you to transform your boring & tiring heavy bag exercise routines in an expert-level sessions once you go through the course & start practicing the techniques. By joining this training course, you’ll be able to earn yourself a trusted & credible heavy bag coaching from a “Muay Thai Champion”, Sean Fagan.

Heavy Bag Blueprint; What Do You Get?

The main product contains 3 major modules which are as follows:

The First Module

Here, you’ll know why almost ninety percent of all the martial artists find it difficult to use heavy bags as they should. Also, you’ll know how to use heavy bags successfully like an expert.

The Second Module

The second module offers a step by step approach to every technique which allows you to enhance your fighting skills further.

The third module

Your conditioning and cardio will fly to a whole new level using the amazing heavy bag exercises offered in the 3rd module. Here, you’ll develop intense energy, long-lasting cardio workouts & a better mindset in order to achieve your objective through hard works.

The final Module

Here, you’ll know how to tackle your upcoming exercise session & hit the heavy bag with greater power & intensity. You are offered with 7 unique heavy bag exercise & 3 powerful exercise videos in order to accomplish your goals.

Other Bonuses

  • Achieving a Muay Thai Competitor Mindset
  • Videos explaining speed/power/strength routine
  • A Log Worksheet
  • A weight loss guide

Final Verdict:

With this training, you will be able to learn easy tactics, workout schedules, combos & drills that’ll totally change your regular heavy bag sessions into strength training exercises which will allow you to get excellent results in a very short amount of time.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Blueprint
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